Video: Tour a Sprinter Conversion Van with Room for Friends and Family

A Custom Elevator Bed and Expansive Kitchen are Highlights of This Build

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Tiny Home Tours YouTube Channel

One of the best things about conversion vans is seeing just how creative the builders can be. Such is the case with the video above, which takes us on a tour of custom Sprinter buildout that uses the interior space in an innovative and efficient way. The result is an interior that feels spacious and open with all of the comforts of home.

The van in the video belongs to a couple named Kyle and Stephanie, who wanted to make sure they had plenty of room to host friends and family. The couple enjoy having visitors onboard, but in a previous camper van, they often felt cramped and crowded when guests came to visit. For their current model, they decided to dedicate a sizable portion of the rear of the vehicle to a dinette/lounge area. The space looks like it can easily hold up to six people, with a large, moveable table as the centerpiece.

The reason there is so much space available is that the van has a custom-built elevator bed that raises and lowers as needed. During the day, it shifts up to the ceiling, creating a large open space. At night, the bed drops into a position that is easy to get in and out of. The dinette area also converts into a second bed for overnight guests.

Despite its open design, the van has a surprising amount of storage space. There are various cubbies and compartments under the dinette seating, and the kitchen has plenty of beautiful bamboo cupboards and drawers for storing cooking paraphernalia. Outdoor gear—like mountain bikes, inflatable kayaks, and skis—are strapped to the back of the van while traveling.

Sprinter conversino van video

Photo Credit: Tiny Home Tours YouTube Channel

Speaking of the kitchen, the van is equipped with an expansive countertop that provides plenty of space for meal prep. A large stainless steel sink with a high-rise faucet makes cleanup a breeze, and a mini-fridge allows for fresh foods and drinks. An air fryer and outdoor grill are used to make most of the meals.

One of the more impressive elements of this build is the onboard shower. It is large enough for the owners to stand up in and heated for added comfort in cold conditions. It has a composting toilet and doubles as a space for the resident cat to enjoy his meals when not in use.

Other amenities include an outdoor shower for cleaning up after a day on the trail, solar panels, and a large house battery system. The van is built for four-season camping and even has heated floors. A UV water filter provides clean water wherever Kyle and Stephanie wander, while a manual crank side awning offers shelter from the elements when lounging or cooking outdoors.

The couple say they purchased the Mercedes Sprinter van for $75,000 and spent another $75,000 renovating to meet their needs. That’s a fairly hefty investment, but as you’ll see in the video, the vehicle is beautiful and functional inside and out. Hit play to see it for yourself.

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