Lippert’s New Awning Doubles as a Solar Panel

The Solera OG Brings Up to 300 Watts of Solar Charging to Any RV

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Lippert

RV components manufacturer Lippert has joined forces with Renogy to create one of the most useful and exciting products to come along in some time. The two companies have pooled their resources and knowledge to make the industry’s first awning with an integrated, flexible solar panel. This allows the retractable shade to collect energy from the sun while providing shelter to RVers looking to beat the heat.

Dubbed the Solera OG—for off-grid—the new awning installs like any other RV awning. But this model comes with a proprietary Renogy solar panel capable of generating up to 300 watts of power when deployed. Best of all, the panel doesn’t add significantly to the weight of a vehicle, nor does it require drilling holes in the roof of the RV. It can even create up to 200 watts of electricity when the awning is closed.

Lippert solar awning

Photo Credit: Lippert

“We are excited for this opportunity to stand at the forefront of solar power accessibility,” says Lippert VP of Aftermarket Sales Mark Bressler in a press release. “With their lightweight design and cutting-edge technology, our Solera OG awnings redefine the possibilities of sustainable energy integration, revolutionizing the way the users harness the sun’s power for off-grid living.”

The Solera OG, which starts shipping in the fall of 2023, promises to be an intriguing upgrade option for RV owners. Adding an awning to any recreational vehicle makes life better at the campsite, but installing one that doubles as a solar panel feels like something out of a science fiction movie. Best of all, Lippert promises the Solera will help RVers make a seamless transition to solar power with an array of affordable options available.

Lippert solar awning

Photo Credit: Lippert

“As the demand for solar power in off-grid living continues to surge, we are excited to reshape the landscape through the continuous innovation of our product offering,” said Andrew Mock, Vice President of RV Sales at Lippert. “With their lightweight design, Solera OG awnings are poised to redefine the boundaries of solar power integration.”

“Renogy solar panels have been providing RV owners and off-grid enthusiasts reliable off-grid power for 13 years,” adds Renogy CEO Yi Li. “We’re excited to be partnering with Lippert to make solar energy even more accessible through innovation and advanced CIGS technology.”

The new Solera OG awning goes on sale later this year. For more information, visit the Lippert website.

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