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Video: Is This the Ultimate Adventure Van for Cyclists?

Built on the Volkswagen Crafter Platform, This Class B Model is Purpose Built for Those Who Love to Ride Bikes

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Global Cycling Network

One of the best things about Class B camper vans is that they can often be custom-built to meet the specific needs of their owners. For instance, a few weeks back we shared a video of a vehicle designed to support a professional kiteboarder in their travels. That model included plenty of onboard storage for the gear needed for that sport and amenities to make life on the road more comfortable. Now, we have another clip to share, this time highlighting a van made for cyclists.

The video above comes our way courtesy of the Global Cycling Network (GCN), a streaming channel dedicated to cycling, bike racing, and the culture surrounding that sport. Recently, one of the members of the GCN team took part in a 620+ mile bike race and needed a vehicle that his support team could use throughout the event. They ended up borrowing a van from a company called CJL Leisure Vehicles, which makes custom Class B models not just for dedicated cyclists but remote camping, too.

Class B bike van

Photo Credit: Global Cycling Network

The model shared in the video rides on the Volkswagen Crafter platform, which is popular internationally but isn’t sold in the US. The van does have a spacious interior and is known for its smooth ride and good reliability. In other words, it is the perfect option for creating a customer camper.

At the start of the video, GCN does a quick walk around of the vehicle’s exterior, pointing out its race-inspired wheels and graphics that resemble a topographic map. But it is the van’s interior that is of most interest. Inside, you’ll find a sitting area with space for four, an adjustable table, a large bed, and a kitchenette complete with a sink, induction stove, and mini-fridge. The admittedly compact bathroom includes a cassette toilet and a shower for cleaning up after a long bike ride. Power is supplied via a diesel generator, 30-amp shore power service, or a built-in battery pack and solar panel.

While well done, most of this is fairly standard fare for a camper van. So, what makes this an especially good option for cyclists? For starters, the cabin has lots of storage for holding cycling gear, clothing, and other items. The rear of the van also has a custom-made bike garage with room for up to four bikes. The entire garage sits on a slide-out cargo tray, with room for tools, replacement tires, a tire pump, and other equipment. There is even an integarted water hose for washing the bikes after a dirty ride.

Class B bike van

Photo Credit: Global Cycling Network

Other excellent features include a built-in sound system for enjoying post-ride tunes, an onboard expresso maker for a quick shot of caffeine, and a rice maker for carbo-loading before a ride. An awning slides out from one side, providing a nice place to recover while sitting in camp chairs that stash away neatly in the garage.

Watch the entire video above to get a full sense of the van and its use of space. Even if you’re not a cyclist, you’ll appreciate the clever design and craftsmanship that went into building this Class B model.

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