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a camper can for couples camping
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RVs for Cozy Couples

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A Camper Van parked in the country
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Is This the Year of the Camper Van?

You’ve probably seen at least one image from the #VanLife movement on Instagram. It’s almost always with the backdrop of a beach or breathtaking mountains, and it’s these images and…
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The Best Class Bs For Adventure

Whether you’re downsizing or simply looking for a small motorhome that can double as a daily driver, a Class B should warrant your attention. Gone are the days of a…
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Class B Review: Regency Xalta

The Regency period in Great Britain was notable for a couple of reasons. First, upon the incapacity of King George III, his son, Prince George Augustus Frederick, assumed the crown…
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Motorhomes with Amazing Outdoor Gear Storage

Outdoor Gear Storage We’ve all got stuff. Lots of stuff. Some of us may even have too much. And, especially while spending time in a motorhome, that stuff can add…
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Class B Review: Pleasure-Way Plateau TS

Pleasure-Way Industries was started in 1986 by RV dealer Merv Rumpel as an answer to his frustration with the available Class B’s on the market. Rumpel found that his dealership…
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What are the Different Classes of Motorhomes?

Classes of motorhomes sometimes create confusion, especially to those new to RVing. Even those with RV experience can, at times, get the classes mixed up when changing from one type of…
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Class B Review: Winnebago Paseo

The more you think about our changing world, with its crowded cities, highways and vacation hot spots, the more the European model for a motorhome begins to make sense. They’re designed…
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Class B Review: Airstream Interstate Grand Tour EXT

Airstream’s Interstate is one of the top-selling Class B diesel motorhomes in the United States. Which seems ironic, simply because on our recent adventure with a 2016 Interstate Grand Tour…
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Class B Review: Hymer Aktiv

The RV industry has seen a lot of shifts in the manufacturer scene over the last few years. Mostly, companies have either been swallowed up by a larger entity, have gone…