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Video: Watch an Entire Camper Van Conversion From Start to Finish

The Timelapse YouTube Clip Takes Us Through the Entire Three-Year Process in 36 Minutes

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Lady & Margaret via YouTube

We’ve seen some impressive camper van conversion projects in recent months, but we rarely get to see the entire process come together in one video. But the clip above provides a timelapse look at a complete refurbishment project of a Fiat Ducato, which starts as a delivery vehicle and finishes as a camper with some fun and unique amenities.

The video is 36 minutes in length, which means it requires somewhat of a commitment to watch in a single sitting. But those who enjoy watching the camper van conversion process unfold will be fascinated by what they see. In the beginning, it is hard to imagine the Ducato transforming from a work van into a tiny home on wheels. But as the clip unfolds, it slowly goes from a vehicle focused on utility to one that is perfectly suited for camping in remote locations.

camper van conversion video

Photo Credit: Lady & Margaret via YouTube

Upgrades to the van include adding insulation to the floors and walls to make it more four-season friendly and building a kitchenette complete with an oven, stainless steel sink, pantry, and refrigerator. The sleeping area consists of a bed that uses a cleverly designed lift system to raise it out of the way when not in use. Reclining chairs bring refinement and style to the interior, providing a comfortable place to relax at the campsite. There is even a shower and composting toilet.

The Ducato’s new owners also added solar panels to the roof, which is pretty standard procedure on these types of builds at this point. But these solar panels actually lift up and out of the way when parked, allowing the skylight to provide more natural light to reach the interior. The solar energy system feeds electricity to the cabin, recharging laptops and e-bikes, which are stored neatly in a cargo area located in the rear of the vehicle.

camper van conversion video

Photo Credit: Lady & Margaret via YouTube

If you’re looking for tips and ideas for a camper van build of your own, you’ll especially find this video interesting. Because it shows the build-out in such detail at each phase of the process, it is easy to see how the van’s owners were able to achieve their goals. When it is done, the Ducato is barely recognizable from when they started, having slowly undergone a fantastic transformation over time.

Check out the full clip above to see what we mean. You won’t be disappointed.

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