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  5. The Luxury Amenities and Gear We Love in RVs

The Luxury Amenities and Gear We Love in RVs

These are Our Favorite Upscale Features that Make Life at the Campsite So Much Better

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If you haven’t shopped for a motorhome or travel trailer for a while, you might be surprised by how many outstanding features can be found in these vehicles these days. RV designers and manufacturers have gone to great lengths to offer customers a premium experience, incorporating many creature comforts to keep them happy while on the road. This gives modern RVs a touch of class that wasn’t always available in previous generations, allowing owners to enjoy a pampered lifestyle at the campground.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite luxury amenities found in modern motorhomes, fifth-wheels, and travel trailers. These are the features that put a smile on our faces when we’re ready for an upscale glamping experience.

RVs with fireplaces

Image Courtesy of Forest River

A Fireplace

For generations, fireplaces have been a gathering point in our homes; why should it be any different in an RV? Gas and electric fireplaces have become somewhat common in motorhomes these days, although they remain one of our favorite luxuries. Having a fireplace onboard your RV allows you to bask in the warmth and (simulated) glow of the flames, providing soothing comfort while camping in cold weather.

Heated Floors

While we’re on the subject of staying warm and cozy in our RVs, we might as well mention how much we enjoy heated floors, too. Usually found in higher-end models, this is a feature that anyone who has ever experienced a cold RV floor can appreciate. Not only does it make getting out of bed in the morning much easier, but it also helps keep the entire vehicle warmer and more comfortable. If you enjoy camping in the winter, this is a feature you’ll definitely love.

A Residential Refrigerator

Most RVs come with a mini-fridge or powered cooler to keep drinks and fresh foods chilled, but some vehicles actually have a full-size model that resembles the one you have back home. A residential-size refrigerator provides plenty of storage space and typically includes a freezer and ice maker too. Being able to bring as much food as you want on your trip is a luxury in its own right, vastly improving the types of meals you can make at the campsite. It also means fewer trips to the grocery store during extended travel.

A Washer and Dryer

Having a washer and dryer in your RV is an amazing experience. Not only does it allow you to pack fewer clothes for your trip, but it also allows you to travel for longer periods of time. True, most large campgrounds and RV parks have an onsite laundromat, but it is always nicer to do your laundry in the comfort of your own space. If your motorhome or travel trailer has washer/dryer hookups, do yourself a favor and add these appliances to the vehicle ASAP.

rv solar awning

Photo Credit: Eco-dynamic

An Electric Awning

Having an awning on the exterior of your RV extends your useable space and provides excellent shade during the heat of the day. But manually cranking that awning open and closed can be a tedious and time-consuming affair. An electric awning deploys with the touch of a button, and some even come with windspeed sensors that automatically close during windy conditions. And as with any canopy, integrated LED lights are a major plus too.

An Outdoor Entertainment Center

Smart TVs with sound bars and Bluetooth audio systems have become somewhat common on the interior of RVs, greatly improving our entertainment options while on the road. But motorhomes and travel trailers with external entertainment systems take things to the next level, making movie nights and televised sporting events even more fun. As with an awning, having an outdoor TV and sound system extends your living space outdoors, which is a big part of any camping experience.

Solar Panels and Lithium House Batteries

Lots of RVs come with solar panels and lithium house batteries these days, but not many have a large enough system to camp off-grid for days. Whether you prefer boondocking or just want to be completely self-sufficient, having a large solar array and battery bank is a fantastic luxury amenity to have at your disposal. Running your appliances, air conditioning, and mobile devices without the need for shore power truly opens the door for energy independence, allowing us to comfortably camp in some amazing places.

Heated Holding Tanks

You don’t have to camp in the winter to appreciate the luxury of heated holding tanks. Anyone who has ever camped in the mountains has probably experienced a cold alpine morning where the tanks could potentially freeze up. But an RV with heated reservoirs eliminates that issue and makes four-season camping a true possibility.

RV luxury amenities

Photo Credit: Amelia Pearn/Getty

High-End Furniture

RV furniture ranges from somewhat uncomfortable to incredibly plush and relaxing. If you’ve ever experienced the latter, it is much harder to go back to the former. Having cushy couches and chairs similar to those in your living room back home makes life on the road so much better. There is nothing quite like settling into a soft and supportive recliner after a long day of hiking or mountain biking while enjoying the campground experience.

A King-Size Bed

If you have a big, comfy bed back home, adjusting to a smaller mattress while camping can be hard. But many RVs now come with queen- and even king-size beds, giving you plenty of room to relax and stretch out when you’re ready to call it a night. For anyone who has ever slept in a sleeping bag inside a tent, having such a comfortable place to sleep while camping is a true luxury indeed.

A Spacious Kitchen

Luxury RVs usually have large sleeping spaces and bathrooms, but we prefer a spacious kitchen instead. If you like to cook while camping, having plenty of room to create culinary delights is a big plus. Larger kitchens also tend to come with an array of appliances, including a multi-burner stove, convection oven, microwave, and refrigerator. Add in a large sink with a residential faucet, and you have the perfect space to cook fine meals and entertain guests.

RVs with Patios

Photo Credit: Thor

A Patio or Deck

Some RVs now come with a built-in deck. Most of these models are toy haulers with a foldout patio at the back of the vehicle, although some upscale motorhomes have an open-air space on the roof. These are yet more ways to extend your living space to the outdoors while providing a comfortable place to relax and enjoy the campsite. After all, who doesn’t enjoy sitting out on a porch in the evening while looking up at the stars and enjoying a beverage?

These are just a few luxury amenities we’ve come to love in modern RVs. We can’t wait to see what RV manufacturers have in mind for their next-generation models that will set the bar even higher.

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