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  7. 10 Ways to Add a Touch of Luxury to Any RV
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  7. 10 Ways to Add a Touch of Luxury to Any RV

10 Ways to Add a Touch of Luxury to Any RV

Make Life on the Road a Bit More Posh and Comfortable with These Simple Upgrades

Image Caption: Image Courtesy of Liudmila Chernetska/Getty

Want to add a dash of luxury to your RV without going through a complete renovation project? Looking to make things a bit more fun, cozy, and comfortable at the campsite? These simple upgrades will make life on the road more enjoyable and keep your motorhome feeling modern and fresh.

RV upgrades

Image Courtesy of ViewApart/Getty

Upgrade Your Bedroom

Chances are, the mattress that came with your RV is fine but isn’t nearly as comfortable or plush as the one you have back home. Fortunately, this is easy to remedy, as upgrading to a new mattress is as easy as finding a replacement that you like more and swapping it out with the old one. You’ll be amazed at how much better you sleep and how refreshed you’ll feel the next day.

Complete your bedroom upgrade by pairing your new mattress with high-quality sheets, pillows, and a mattress topper. These may seem like small changes, but there is no reason you shouldn’t enjoy these simple pleasures while traveling, just as you would at home. The level of comfort that these additions bring will pay dividends while camping.

Shop RV mattresses at Camping World

Give Your Floor a Makeover

Over time, the floor of an RV can feel dated and show a lot of wear and tear. But this can be easily rectified by adding new laminate or vinyl flooring, which can bring a fresh, modern look to a vehicle. Depending on the style and coloring you choose, a laminate or vinyl overlay can give your motorhome an entirely new feel. Plus, these tough material holds up well, maintaining their look for years to come.

Check out vinyl flooring options at Camping World

rv upgrades

Image Courtesy of InHome

Modernize the Walls Too

Vinyl flooring isn’t the only way to freshen up the looks of the interior of your RV. By using peel-and-stick mosaic tiles, you can give the walls of your vehicle an update too. These easy-to-apply materials serve as a great backsplash in the kitchen and bathroom, but some patterns also look good in other areas of the cabin. Some tiles add a dash of colors, while others have a refined, classic look that never goes out of style.

Explore the mosaic tile options available at Camping World

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

When you want to make a change to the color and mood of a room at home, you simply repaint the walls. You can do the same in your RV, bringing brighter, fresher colors that can take a dull, dark interior and turn it into a more welcoming space. A fresh coat of paint can completely transform the interior space and make an older motorhome feel more modern and luxurious.

RV upgrades

Image Courtesy of Vanessa Numes/Getty

Make Dinnertime Special

RVers often fill their kitchen cupboards with a mishmash of plates, glasses, and utensils cobbled together from whatever extras they can find at home. But your camper deserves to have its own elegant dinner settings with matching place settings, flatware, and drinkware. Add a high-quality table cloth and napkins for those special occasions, and your meals will take on a unique and special feel, just like a dinner party back home.

Upgrade your dinnerware with help from Camping World

Add Some Mood Lighting

An easy upgrade to any RV is to switch out older incandescent light bulbs with newer, more energy-efficient LED lights instead. In addition to draining less power, LED lights produce less heat, keeping the interior of your camper cooler. Better still, many of these bulbs have selectable colors and brightness levels, allowing you to change the settings to match your mood.

Buy LED lights at Camping World

RV upgrades

Image Courtesy of Ziga Plahutar/Getty

Update the Bathroom

RV bathrooms have come a long way over the years, offering more space and amenities. Still, there are a few ways you can personalize the room to make it feel more like home. One of the best ways to do that is to replace the shower head that came preinstalled in your camper with a newer model. There are numerous RV-specific options to choose from, many of which use water more efficiently while providing a powerful stream.

Other options include adding a better shower curtain and high-quality towels. Installing a wood floor gives the bathroom a more upscale feel, as does a plush throw rug and a classy-looking soap dispenser. Replacing the sink, faucets, and even the toilet are options in some RVs, and adding a fancy mirror is always a nice touch.

Change Your Window Treatments

Many RVs come with window blinds already installed, and while they do provide some privacy and shade, they don’t add much to the interior decor. Installing your own window treatments gives you another opportunity to put a personal touch on the inside of your camper. Colorful curtains, faux wood blinds, and elegant shutters are just a few examples of the options that are available. These window accents are a nice touch to any RV and create a more homey feel.

Explore the options for RV blinds and shades at Camping World

RV upgrades

Image Courtesy of Divepic/Getty

Expand Your Outdoor Living Space

Your campsite is an extension of your living space, so why not give it an upgrade too? If you don’t have an awning installed on your RV, that would be a game-changing addition in and of itself. Other ideas to consider include rolling out an outdoor rug, purchasing comfortable camping chairs, and adding an outdoor fan to keep the air flowing on warm days. A well-insulated cooler will keep your favorite beverages cold for days at a time, and a Bluetooth speaker provides background music while gathering around the campfire. Don’t overlook how these simple luxuries can enhance your camping experience and improve your life at the campground.

Replace the Furniture

Just like the furniture in our homes, the chairs and couches in our RVs can become dated and worn over time. Replacing that furniture is one of the best ways to enhance the comfort and luxury inside any motorhome. The options for new RV furniture have grown exponentially in recent years, giving owners far more choice in terms of colors, sizes, and styling. Whether you’re looking for a plush recliner, a cozy loveseat, or a full-size sleeper sofa, chances are you’ll find plenty of furnishings to choose from when remodeling your camper.

Shop RV furniture at Camping World

Hopefully, these tips will help spark your imagination and creativity, giving you some new ideas for making your RV more comfortable and luxurious. When approaching these projects, don’t forget to have some fun and put your signature styling into any upgrades and changes you make. In the end, you’ll be delighted with the results and have a camper that more closely suits your needs.

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