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10 Easy Upgrades for Any RV

These Products Add Convenience and Character to Your Rig

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Are you looking to upgrade and refresh your RV before the start of the busy camping season? Want to add some new life and features to your motorhome or travel trailer? We have some suggestions on how to do that without spending days remodeling or draining your bank account.

Here are ten quick and easy suggestions for how to upgrade any RV.

easy RV upgrades

Photo Credit: Valterra

Switch to LED Lights

One of the easiest ways to improve life in your RV is to replace any incandescent lights with LED bulbs instead. Sure, these bulbs cost a little more, but they virtually last forever and bring some excellent additional benefits. For instance, they don’t generate as much heat as a traditional bulb, keeping the interior of your vehicle cooler as a result. They are also more energy efficient, so they won’t drain your house batteries while boondocking. They even provide more natural light, which helps lower stress and anxiety—which is exactly what we’re looking for when camping.

Shop LED lights at Camping World

easy RV upgrades

Photo Credit: Oxygenics

Change the Shower Head

If your RV has a shower—indoor or out—there is a good chance it still has the same shower head that it did when it shipped from the factory. Fortunately, replacing that shower head is quick and easy and goes a long way toward improving life on the road. Some models even save water while still managing to maintain good pressure at the same time. That means you can enjoy a hot shower without worrying about emptying your freshwater tank.

Shop RV shower heads at Camping World

easy RV upgrades

Photo Credit: Rear View Safety, Inc.

Add a Backup Camera

Driving a large and ponderous RV can be challenging at times, especially when backing into a tight campsite. Because of this, some manufacturers now install backup cameras to help drivers manage those tricky situations. But if your vehicle doesn’t already have a camera, you can easily add one. Installation is relatively painless, and many of these devices are wireless. That means you don’t have to run cables from the back of your motorhome all the way to the cab of the vehicle. Best of all, third-party cameras can also be added to a travel trailer, which rarely comes with this kind of technology already installed.

Shop backup cameras at Camping World

easy RV upgrades

Photo Credit: Cozyway

Replace Your Mattress

Most RVs come with a comfortable mattress, but if it is more than a few years old, you’ll probably see some excellent benefits to getting a new one. New RV mattresses provide more comfort and support and are more durable than older models. That all leads to a better night’s sleep, making your time at the campsite more relaxing and enjoyable.

Shop RV mattresses at Camping World

easy RV upgrades

Photo Credit: TireMinder

Install a Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Your RV’s tires are one of its most important components, which is why it is essential to monitor their condition. A tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) allows the drivers to see the current state of each tire, providing alerts if the pressure starts to get too low or temperatures get too high. This can help you avoid a dangerous blowout, keeping you and your vehicle safer as a result.

Shop for a TPMS at Camping World

easy RV upgrades

Photo Credit: Nature Power

Add Solar Panels

While not all RVs come with solar panels preinstalled just yet, most are at least solar-ready straight from the factory. That makes installation a plug-and-play affair, practically eliminating the need for wiring altogether. But if you happen to own an older vehicle, don’t fret too much. Installing solar power has never been easier, allowing campers to collect clean energy for topping off their house batteries, powering small appliances, and recharging mobile devices.

Shop solar panels at Camping World

easy RV upgrades

Photo Credit: Lippert

Protect Your Slide-Outs with a Cover

If your RV has one or more slide-outs, a slide-out cover is a must-have piece of gear. These products function much like an awning that is specifically designed for a sliding room. A cover will help keep debris from collecting on the top of the slide and prevent it from getting into the mechanical mechanism. It will also prevent moisture from building up and serve as a shield against the sun, keeping the interior cooler for longer.

Shop slide-out covers at Camping World

easy RV upgrades

Photo Credit: Equator

Warm Up by the Fireplace

Some high-end RVs come with a fireplace that not only provides warmth but enhances the atmosphere on chilly nights. But if your vehicle doesn’t have one, adding a fireplace is easy, provided you have the space. Several add-on space heaters simulate the fireplace aesthetic, bringing a cozy warmth to any motorhome or travel trailer. And because most are freestanding, you only have to connect it to a power source.

Shop fireplaces at Camping World

easy RV upgrades

Photo Credit: Twenty-Six Eleven LLC

Keep the Water Flowing with Holding Tank Heaters

More and more RVers are discovering the fun of cold weather camping, but not all vehicles are properly equipped for the conditions. A holding tank heater is one of the best additions you can give your motorhome or travel trailer. This quick and easy upgrade will help keep the water in your tanks from freezing, ensuring a steady supply even when the temperature plunges. And even if you don’t plan to camp in the dead of winter, a tank heater can extend your RV season or allow you to travel more comfortably in mountain settings.

Shop holding tank heaters at Camping World

easy RV upgrades

Photo Credit: Mor-ryde International

Get Organized with Cargo Trays

Keeping the cargo areas of our RVs neat and organized can be a constant struggle; after all, they’re not always easy to access, especially when filled with gear. By adding a slide-out cargo tray, you can actually solve two problems. A tray makes accessing your storage compartments much easier and helps keep everything tidy and organized. Installation is very straightforward, and afterward, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them.

Shop cargo trays at Camping World

That’s it! Now get going on those upgrades. The campsite is waiting.

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