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Video: A Look Inside a Luxurious 2023 Liberty Coach RV

This YouTube Clip Takes Us on a Rare Tour of One of the Most Expensive Motorhomes on the Market

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Andrew Steele

Liberty Coach is known for creating some of the world’s most luxurious and well-appointed custom motorhomes. Using the Prevost platform, the company creates unique designs for its customers, building RVs that offer the comfort and pampering of a five-star hotel but on wheels. These one-of-a-kind creations are handmade to meet the needs of individual clients and include price tags that puts them well out of reach for most RVers.

If you’ve ever wondered what the inside of a Liberty Coach looks like, you’re in luck. The video above takes us on a tour of a special edition version of one of the company’s more recent projects providing insights into why these RVs are so coveted. As you’ll see, the team that designs and builds these motorhomes puts a lot of thought into every detail, creating a living space that rivals a Manhattan penthouse that can go just about anywhere.

This model was custom-built for an unnamed client and includes a unique paint scheme created by artist Dean Loucks. The vehicle has a lifetime warranty for the original owner and comes with custom basement storage bays, complete without slide-out trays and organizational drawers. The RV’s exterior is equipped with four independent awnings—two on each side—a 65″ outdoor TV, an electric grill, and a wine fridge.

Liberty Coach RV

Photo Credit: Andrew Steele

Inside, the motorhome features a stunning modern design that gives it an open, airy feel. All of the fabrics, woods, and other materials used in its construction are incredibly high-quality, conveying a sense of living in an upscale apartment. LED lighting efficiently illuminates the entire coach, with privacy shades on the windows and residential appliances throughout. The RV has custom-made cabinetry, walls, and upholstery, as well as plenty of power outlets for keeping mobile devices and small appliances charged and operating.

The RV comes with over 83,000 BTUs of heating, allowing it to stay comfortably warm inside even while camping in the dead of winter. The tile floor is heated, of course, and the furnace even keeps the engine warm, ensuring that it will reliably start in temperatures dropping as low as -65ºF.

The attention to detail displayed in the video is impressive and helps convey why a Liberty Coach is so well-regarded. As mentioned in the video, those vehicles cost about $2.7 million on average, and watching this clip, it is obvious where that money goes. In terms of luxury and unique design, it really is tough to do much better than this.

Thanks to the RVing with Andrew Steele YouTube channel for taking us on this tour.

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