Gear Review: Better Habitat SleepReady Memory Foam Mattress

A Comfortable, Convenient Sleeping Option for the Campsite and RV

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When it comes to sleeping in the RV or at the campsite, campers are always on the lookout for products that make for better sleep, and veteran travelers know the key to happy travels is getting quality rest. In the master bedroom of an RV, that’s a feasible goal. But in a tent, RV pull-out couch, or floor? Easier said than done.

The folks at Better Habitat have zeroed in on a comfortable, portable sleep option. The SleepReady Memory Foam Mattress is a roll-up/roll-out sleeping pad that makes for perfectly comfortable, convenient sleeping, especially as a secondary option for additional guests or visitors.

We tried the SleepReady mattress for a few nights of camping, and here are a couple of things we learned along the way.

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Sizes, Storage, and Application

The Better Habitat SleepReady Mattress comes in two models, the single and the twin. The single is sized at 75x25x3 inches, and the twin is sized at 75x36x3 inches. Both easily accommodate a single adult, and the twin could fit two children comfortably and two adults in a squeeze. Rolled up and in its case, the twin measures about 36″x16″x16″ and the single at 25″x16″x16″, if you’re curious how it fits in a storage compartment. 

Laid out, the twin-sized mattress fits fine in most two-person tents. The mattress easily rolls out and sets flat without any noticeable curling at the ends due to the memory foam inside. The single model is more adaptable to a couch or sofa, especially inside an RV.

Simple, Easy Functionality

The mattress rolls up and cinches shut with two plastic clips that make for quick setups and tear-downs. And it fits easily into the cloth zippered carrying case, which includes a convenient over-the-shoulder strap. The first thing we noticed was how light the entire unit felt despite its bulkiness, which is noteworthy. 

In its carrying case, the larger SleepReady model looks heavy. But when you shoulder the strap and lift, it’s surprisingly lightweight and portable. Even if hiking a considerable distance from your parking spot to the campsite, the SleepReady is certainly light enough to transport. Be mindful of the bulkiness for space, not weight. We recommend measuring your storage space to ensure this fits your size requirements. 

But the large size is worth the mild hassle, given how comfortable the mattress is to sleep on.

Serious Comfort

The memory foam separates the SleepReady from many other portable mattresses on the market. The three inches of memory foam padding is an altogether different experience than any inflatable mattress you’ve likely experienced. And the proof is in both stability and comfort. We noticed that the mattress was quite supportive when on the ground or on a couch, adding that extra level of security that is often missing when sleeping on an inflatable of any kind. 


The SleepReady mattress is waterproof, and the only required step of assembly is securing the foam mattress within a waterproof mattress cover that helps further protect it from liquids, dirt, or potential stains. 

So if you’re on the lookout for a portable sleeping mattress, check out the Better Habitat SleepReady Memory Foam Mattress. The single mattress comes in at $129.95 and the twin at $159.95, prices worth the comfort you get. Now you can feel confident in the sleeping setup you offer guests (and yourself) at the campsite. 

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