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The Best Camping Chairs for RVing

Kick Back and Relax at the Campsite with These Comfy Camp Chairs

Image Caption: Image Courtesy of Gobi Heat

One of the simplest and best ways to improve your experience at the campground is to upgrade your camping chairs. In the past, RVers were often content to settle for folding chairs made from flimsy aluminum and brightly colored strips of nylon. But today’s outdoor furniture has evolved well beyond that, delivering more comfortable, durable, and versatile products than ever.

Whether you’re gathering around the fire at the campsite, attending an outdoor concert, or just hanging out in your backyard, the right chair can make all the difference. Modern camping chairs are built from rugged materials that make them more suitable for use in the outdoors. They are also more supportive and often include handy features like cup holders, built-in side tables, and pockets for storing important items. Many can fold down to a surprisingly small size, making them easier to carry and store.

If you haven’t replaced your camping chairs in a while, then perhaps it’s time to upgrade to something new. These are the models that you’ll want to have in your RV the next time you hit the road.

best camping chairs

Image Courtesy of Alps Outdoorz

Alps Outdoorz King Kong Chair

There are few camp chairs on the market that are more durable and well-built than the Alps Outdoorz King Kong Chair. Made from heavy-duty materials, this model is a bit heavier than most others, but it is sturdier and more stable, too. It even has a weight capacity of 800 pounds, far exceeding that of most other outdoor furniture.

The King Kong Chair’s rugged frame is very supportive, which translates to plenty of comfort at the campsite. That support is especially noticeable in the chair’s high back, which does an excellent job of cradling anyone who sits in it. The seat is also very spacious and accommodating, giving campers room to move around without feeling retrained.

Additional features include two mesh cupholders and two hanging side pockets, which are a great place to stash items you want to keep close at hand, like a smartphone or a book. Alps Outdoorz includes a rugged shoulder bag for carrying the King Kong around, although, with a weight of 13 pounds, you may not want to take it too far.

Buy the Alps Outdoorz King Kong Chair at Camping World

best camping chairs

Image Courtesy of Coleman

Coleman Quad Chair with Cooler

Coleman’s Quad Chair has been a mainstay in the company’s catalog for some time, and for good reason. This affordable option is well built, very comfortable, and has some nice features. It also folds down to a small footprint, making it easy to take with you on your outdoor adventures.

The Quad Chair features a relatively high back and upright seating position, making it easy to get in and out of. Its well-padded seat and backpanel offer excellent comfort, especially at such an affordable price point. A durable frame—paired with a set of broad feet—gives the chair outstanding stability, even when used on uneven ground.

The signature feature of the Quad Chair is its insulated pocket, which acts as a cooler, keeping canned beverages cold. It also has dual mesh cup holders on either armrest and ships with an over-the-shoulder sling bag for easy carry. Like the Alps Outdoorz King Kong Chair, it is somewhat heavy, however tipping the scales at 13 pounds.

Buy the Coleman Quad Chair with Cooler at Camping World

best camping chairs

Image Courtesy of GCI Outdoor

GCI Outdoor Kickback Rocker

A rocking camp chair isn’t a new innovation, but GCI Outdoor has taken it to the next level with its Kickback Rocker. In addition to being very comfortable, the chair offers a gentle rocking motion that manages to make sitting around the campfire even more enjoyable. And despite its unique design, the chair is surprisingly stable, even on rough and uneven terrain.

The Kickback Rocker sits a little lower to the ground, which makes it feel somewhat like a recliner. Because of this, taller campers may find it a little harder to get in and out of, although most won’t have any problems. And since the chair provides excellent back support, it is likely to be a popular option with everyone who drops by your campsite.

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the Kickback Rocker is how compact it is when folded up. Despite having a built-in rocking mechanism, the chair weighs just 10.6 pounds and is easy to transport. It even comes with integrated carrying straps, so there is no need for a storage bag. Cupholders and stash pockets round out the additional features.

Buy the GCI Outdoor Kickback Rocker at Camping World

best camping chairs

Image Courtesy of Gobi Heat

Gobi Heat Heated Camping Chair

Thanks to the Heated Camping Chair from Gobi Heat, cold temperatures don’t have to put an end to our outdoor fun. The chair’s seat and backrest each have their own integrated heating coils that can be set to one of three temperature levels; low (113ºF), medium (122ºF), and high (131ºF). An included battery pack supplies the power needed to heat the chair, offering runtimes of 4.5-9 hours before needing a recharge.

Gobi Heat’s high-tech camp chair features a high-back design for increased support and comfort. The chair’s cover is well-padded and made from durable, wind and water-resistant fabrics that keep the heating coils well-protected in a variety of weather conditions. Its rugged frame maintains balance on various surfaces and quickly folds down for storage inside the chair’s included travel bag.

Other features include a cup holder on the side of the chair and the ability to use the battery pack to recharge other devices.

Buy the Gobi Heat Heated Camping Chair at Camping World

best camping chairs

Image Courtesy of Nemo

Nemo Stargaze Luxury Recliner

For the ultimate in camping chair luxury, look no further than the Nemo Stargaze Recliner. This chair mashes up design elements from a hammock with a reclining rocking chair to create a product that is unlike anything else on the market. For instance, it comes with an integrated suspension system that automatically adjusts to accommodate the position of the person sitting in it. This makes rocking, reclining, and sitting up feel more natural and stable and makes getting in and out easier, too.

The Stargaze is a truly impressive feat of engineering, offering outstanding comfort and relaxation in a highly portable form. It provides unrivaled support for the neck and back and uses quick-drying and highly-breathable fabrics to improve ventilation and comfort. It is so good you might even consider using it inside your home. But, all of that attention to detail comes at a price—quite literally. This is by far the most expensive chair on this list, making it hard for some RVers to justify.

At 6.5 pounds, the Stargaze is compact and easy to transport. It has built-in cupholders and stash pockets and includes a bag for storage and carrying. The only downside—in addition to the price—is that it takes a bit of practice and time to set the chair up, but once it is ready, you’ll never want to get out of it.

Buy the Nemo Stargaze Luxury Recliner at the House

best camping chairs

Image Courtesy of Kelty

Kelty Loveseat

The only thing better than curling up by the campfire is curling up with someone else by the campfire. That isn’t always easy, but the Kelty Loveseat is perfect for those occasions. This two-person camp chair is made for lounging with friends, family, and loved ones and sells at a surprisingly great price.

The Loveseat features many of the same design elements that you find in other camping chairs; it just happens to be big enough for two people. That includes a comfortable and supportive seat covered in a durable—yet soft—quilted fabric. The frame is rugged enough to support up to 400 pounds of weight while retaining the ability to fold down to a relatively small size. It even comes with the obligatory cupholders on either armrest.

The downside of the Loveseat is that it is larger than a standard camp chair and weighs well over 15 pounds. This makes it a challenge to carry very far, although it stores well in an RV and is great for entertaining guests. The chair also sits relatively low to the ground, making getting in and out challenging. Still, it is a well-built and well-priced option for anyone looking for a two-person camp chair.

Buy the Loveseat Directly from Kelty

Hopefully, this round-up of the best camp chairs currently available will help you decide which models best meet your needs. No matter which one you choose, you’re in for some very comfortable days and nights at the campground.

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