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Video: This Might Be the Most Amazing School Bus Conversion Ever

The Tiny Home on Wheels Includes a Custom Floor Plan with a Large Kitchen and Two Offices

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Tiny House Giant Journey YouTube Channel

If you’re looking for further proof that school buses make excellent RVs, look no further than the video above. It takes us onboard an amazing skoolie conversion that includes more than a few outstanding features, including a spacious kitchen with an impressive pantry and two office spaces.

The RV in the video is owned by full-timers Josh and Emily, who have named it Aurora the Adventure Bus. Because they both work remotely, the couple decided to purchase a vehicle that supports their lifestyle, which allows them to travel as often as they like. And since they are both engineers, designing and building their own school bus conversion seemed like a great idea.

The bus is a 2004 International RE-3000 that the couple paid $7,000 for at AAA Bus Sales. They then gutted the interior to make way for their custom floorplan. To save money on the build, they waited until Black Friday to purchase most of their appliances, fixtures, and materials, including things like solar panels and a toilet.

school bus RV conversion

Photo Credit: Tiny House Giant Journey YouTube Channel

Once all of the items were in hand, they spent the next year getting their tiny home on wheels roadworthy. This allowed them to start traveling, although they spent another year wrapping up the final touches of their living space. Total cost? About $80,000.

So what did Josh and Emily get for their money? For starters, the interior includes completely custom wood cabinets, floors, closets, and an incredible kitchen pantry. Each of them has their own custom workspace for staying productive on the road. The kitchen has a stove, oven, microwave, stainless steel sink, residential fridge, and even a dish washer.

A raised floor in the back of the vehicle allows for hidden under-floor storage and leads to the bedroom and a rear office. An apartment-sized freezer—also hidden under the floor—provides extra food storage, while a pop-up door opens to grant access to the engine bay. The onboard bathroom includes a sink, RV-style toilet, cabinets, and sunken shower that ensures water doesn’t flow everywhere.

school bus RV conversion

Photo Credit: Tiny House Giant Journey YouTube Channel

The RV has a 200-gallon water fresh water tank and three black/gray water tanks that are 40 gallons each. A wrap-around awning provides shade to help to keep the interior cool, while roof-mounted solar panels produce up to 2400 watts of power. The couple uses the bus to tow a Jeep Wrangler, which serves as their dinghy vehicle when parked at a campsite.

This is just a quick overview of some of the things this fantastic school bus conversion has to offer. There are plenty of other clever design elements and features that you’ll spot in the video above. It is definitely worth a watch, especially if you’re pondering a conversion of your own.

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