Want to Add an E-Bike to Your RV? Why Not Buy a Preowned Model?

Upway has Hundreds of Used e-Bikes for Sale at Substantially Discounted Prices

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It is easy to understand why e-bikes have become so popular with RVers. Not only are they a great way to zip around the campground, but they’re also a fun option for exploring a new destination. They’re even a great way to get some exercise, allowing riders to go further and faster on their two-wheeled adventures.

Buying an e-bike isn’t an inexpensive proposition, however, with most models costing well over $1,000. But thanks to a new website called Upway, there is now an alternative way to shop for an electric bike that could save you hundreds—or even thousands—off the regular retail price.

Preowned e-Bikes

Upway is a French start-up that launched in the US in March of 2023. Since then, it has become the premiere online resource for buying and selling preowned e-bikes. The company has hundreds of models to choose from, including everything from comfortable urban cruisers to speedy roadies to rugged mountain bikes. Many of the bikes come from well-known brands like Trek, Giant, and Cannondale. Others come from popular e-bike manufacturers like Aventon and Gazelle.

The website makes it easy for shoppers to find the exact e-bike they are looking for. The models are separated into a variety of categories, which can further be filtered by price, brand, battery size, and so on. Buyers can even input their height to ensure they only see bikes designed for their size. This greatly streamlines the buying process, which could otherwise be intimidating considering the size of the Upway inventory.

Each listing includes detailed specs and information about the bike’s battery, motor, and other components. Photos give buyers a look at the exact model they are purchasing, giving them a sense of the frame geometry and styling. Upway even lists the current mileage, which is often surprisingly low. In fact, much of the inventory seems to consist of brand-new models that just happen to be a year or two old.

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A 20-Point Inspection

Upway says that every e-bike that passes through its warehouse undergoes a 20-point inspection to ensure it is in perfect operating condition. That includes checking the motor and battery, testing the charger, and ensuring its lights and display work properly. All of the bike’s traditional components—like brakes, crankset, and derailleurs—are also meticulously tested. If any problems are found, a team of mechanics fixes the issue before posting the bike for sale.

The company is so confident in its process that it offers a 14-day return policy and a one-year warranty on all the bikes it sells. In most cases, that meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s warranty even when the bike was new. It also means that you’ll have some support should your used e-bike have any unexpected issues in the first 12 months you own it. You aren’t likely to get that kind of guarantee when buying a used bike anywhere else.


Photo Credit: Kraig Becker

Shipped to Your Door

After you select your perfect e-bike from the Upway website and complete the purchase, the company ships it directly to your door. In most cases, it arrives in under a week, which is quicker than the mountain bike I recently purchased from Specialized. That model took more than ten days to ship to a local bike shop, which then needed another four or five days to assemble it before I could go for my first ride.

In contrast, Upway ships its bikes nearly fully assembled. When it arrives, owners simply need to take their new e-bike out of the box, straighten and tighten the handlebars, and attach the pedals. The tools and instructions required to complete those tasks are even included, ensuring you’ll be off on your first ride within minutes.


Photo Credit: Kraig Becker

Excellent Savings

The best part about buying a preowned e-bike is that you can save a lot of money. In most cases, Upway sells the bikes for at least 20%-35% off the regular retail price, with some models marked even lower. Depending on which one you choose, that can translate to a savings of hundreds or even thousands of dollars, allowing buyers to get a more full-featured and upscale model than they could normally afford.

We recently had the chance to give the Upway experience a go, ordering a demo e-mountain bike for a two-week test ride. The bike arrived in excellent condition and, by all outward appearances, seemed brand new. As noted above, I was able to complete the assembly process in just a few minutes and set off on my first ride shortly thereafter. The bike performed exceptionally well and was incredibly fun to ride. It was also priced at about $2,000 below the regular MSRP and sold very quickly after I returned it.

All of our interactions with Upway went exceptionally well, and we couldn’t be more impressed with the service. It is a great way to purchase an e-bike, especially if you want to save money on a high-quality model. And because the company backs those bikes with a one-year warranty, you can rest assured that it will still perform like new even though it was previously owned by someone else.

If you’re looking to add an e-bike or two to your RV, you definitely need to drop by the Upway website. You’ll find all kinds of models to choose from, with options for every type of rider and budget.

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