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A Closer Look at the 2024 Living Vehicle Travel Trailer

This High-Tech RV Can Camp Off-Grid for Weeks at a Time

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Living Vehicle

When Joanna and Matthew Hofmann founded Living Vehicle in 2017, their goal was to create an RV that didn’t just support their active lifestyle but enhanced it. The busy couple managed a mobile design firm based in Santa Barbara, California, while living and working full-time from the road. And as that business evolved and grew, they knew they wanted a travel trailer that was as flexible, versatile, and sustainable as possible.

To make that dream a reality, the Hoffmann’s put their expertise in design and architecture to good use, creating a travel trailer unlike any other. The original Living Vehicle (LV) was one of the most advanced and luxurious RVs to ever roll into a campsite, deftly merging off-grid boondocking sensibilities with posh, upscale amenities.

Since then, the LV has only continued to add features and become more versatile. And with the 2024 model it has become one of the best options for RVers looking to get away from it all without sacrificing comfort and style. That is, as long as you can afford the high-end price tag.

Living Vehicle travel trailer

Photo Credit: Living Vehicle

Models and Trims

The 2024 edition of the Living Vehicle trailer is available in two models—the 30-foot Heavy Duty (HD) and the 24-foot Luxury Touring (LT). The HD is built on a triple-axle frame and tips the scales at 14,000-16,000 lbs. with a GVWR of 18,000-20,000 lbs. depending on the configuration. Meanwhile, the LT utilizes a double-axle design, weighing 11,000-13,000 lbs. with a GVWR of 14,000-16,000 lbs. In other words, both trailers require a reasonably hefty tow vehicle to haul them to the campsite.

Both the HD and LT are available in three trim levels—Core, Max, and Pro. The Core edition comes nicely equipped with plenty of standard features, but upgrading to the higher tiers boosts energy generation and storage capacity and adds specialty components like electric disc brakes, automatic leveling, and the ability to charge an electric vehicle.

Pricing for an LT Core model starts at $359,995, with an HD Pro edition climbing up to nearly $640,000. That’s a pricey travel trailer for sure, but still falls well below the high-end Class A models on the market, some of which easily top out at over $1 million. Most of those don’t have the same level of technology that the LV has either.

luxury RV

Image Courtesy of Living Vehicle

A Boondocker’s Dream

One of the most impressive aspects of the Living Vehicle is its onboard electrical system. The standard Core configuration can store up to 21.6 kilo-watt-hours of power with the option to go as high as 72 kWh depending on model and trim. Some of the expanded capacity comes via dual solar awnings that extend from either side of the vehicle, providing shade and generating power simultaneously. Those awnings are an optional upgrade for any LV model, greatly expanding the charging capacity when camping without shore power.

All that electricity is stored in lithium-phosphate batteries with capacities ranging from 6 kWh in the LV Core model to 18 kWh in the Pro edition. When fully maxed out, the company says the electrical system is capable of running all onboard appliances and the air conditioning all day indefinitely. Buyers can even add a four-season camping package that includes an onboard furnace, allowing the trailer to comfortably camp in temperatures ranging from 0ºF to 110ºF.

But a solar-powered electrical system isn’t the only way the 2024 Living Vehicle can help RVers camp off the grid for extended periods. Owners have the option to also add a water generation system that can pull moisture out of the air and store it in the trailer’s 100-gallon freshwater tank. The device can create up to five gallons per day, making it available for drinking, doing the dishes, taking a shower, or wherever else it is needed.

Living Vehicle travel trailer

Photo Credit: Living Vehicle

Luxury RV Living

The Living Vehicle travel trailer is proof that you don’t have to rough it when camping in remote places. Even the Core model comes with plenty of built-in luxuries, with options to upgrade the amenities to meet the buyer’s individual needs. For instance, the kitchen comes standard with a residential-style refrigerator/freezer, a microwave, and a convection oven. Add-ons include an ice maker, dishwasher, and a stainless steel grill. Many of the included appliances save energy by using propane, but the entire kitchen can be replaced with fully electric models for owners who have opted for the highest-capacity solar power and battery package.

Both the Heavy Duty and Luxury Touring editions can comfortably sleep four, but the HD model expands to house eight travelers with optional changes to the base floorplan. Queen-size beds are standard but can be expanded to king-size models as needed. Living Vehicle offers a variety of configurations for sleeping arrangements, with options for twin bunk beds and even a hidden loft that automatically drops down from the ceiling at bedtime.

In the bathroom, LV owners will find a large shower, a glass sink with a residential faucet, and a porcelain toilet. A tankless water heater quickly and efficiently provides hot water on demand, while an optional skylight, bidet, towel warmer, and anti-fog mirror add to the luxury ambiance. The living room is equally opulent with a comfortable sofa, a lounge, a built-in media center, and sliding doors that lead to a fold-out side patio.

Living Vehicle travel trailer

Photo Credit: Living Vehicle

A High-Tech RV

The Living Vehicle has a modest set of technology features but offers buyers many options for upgrading the travel trailer. The LV ships with a 42” 4K smart TV and a wireless dual-zone audio system for cranking out tunes in both the bedroom and living room. Those are excellent features, but it is possible to add far more tech capabilities with an array of upgrades should owners want to expand their capabilities further.

Optional add-ons include Wi-Fi and cellular antennas that improve connectivity, a gigabit router for sharing an internet connection, and a built-in studio display for getting work on the road. The standard audio system can be expanded with a subwoofer, a sound-boosting amp, and ceiling-mounted speakers. You can even add a projector with a 2.1 sound system and a pull-down video screen to the bedroom for watching television shows and movies while in bed.

Other tech upgrades include a security system, video doorbell, webcams, and a keyless entry system. A 360º surround camera system with a 7” in-cab monitor is also available to assist drivers when towing the trailer.

Living Vehicle travel trailer

Photo Credit: Living Vehicle

A New Gold Standard for Luxury Travel Trailers

Luxury travel trailers aren’t new, but what makes the Living Vehicle so exciting is its combination of luxury, technology, and design. Every aspect of this RV has been well thought out to deliver a high-end that is experience perfect for work and play. The fact that it also provides unprecedented independence to camp off the grid for extended periods is impressive, too.

When you consider all of its features and amenities, the Living Vehicle travel trailer sets a new bar for excellence. Of course, all of those high-end specs and accouterments come with an eye-popping price tag, but this is a fantastic option for those looking for the ultimate camping (glamping?) experience. Especially since it allows for almost-indefinite off-grid living, something that can’t be said for others in this space.

To learn more about this unique and exciting travel trailer—and configure a model of your own—visit the Living Vehicle website.

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