The Living Vehicle 2024 HD Pro Travel Trailer is the Best Boondocking RV Ever

The Luxury RV is Built for Camping off the Grid without Sacrificing Style and Comfort

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Living Vehicle

In 2022, California-based Living Vehicle burst onto the scene, wowing us with its forward-thinking designs, luxurious interiors, and incredible use of technology. The company’s travel trailers seamlessly blend form and function, delivering models that allow owners to work and play anywhere they want to go. But even after its impressive debut, the upscale RV manufacturer isn’t resting on its laurels. Instead, it’s rolling out an even more ambitious model allowing owners to live off the grid indefinitely.

Living Vehicle travel trailer

Photo Credit: Living Vehicle

The new Living Vehicle 2024 HD continues to offer some of the best interiors in any travel trailer on the market. It includes residential-style appliances, an open design that is bright and airy, and premium materials throughout. Depending on the floorplan, the trailer can sleep up to eight people comfortably, and its kitchen and bathroom are nicer than those found in most homes.

But what truly separates the LV 2024 HD from the pack is its impressive array of solar panels that can generate up to a whopping 6 kilowatts of power. That energy is stored in battery packs with a 72-kilowatt-hour capacity, providing plenty of juice to run all of the onboard appliances, lighting, HVAC, and other technology. All told, the system can output up to 18 kW of electricity, allowing it to charge even an electric vehicle.

Living Vehicle travel trailer

Photo Credit: Living Vehicle

Living Vehicle has further enhanced the HD’s capabilities by building it for use in extreme conditions. The trailer comes with a 240V dual-zone electric heating system that can keep it warm in temperatures as low as -4ºF. And for those who prefer to camp in warmer weather, the air conditioning units keep the interior cool and comfortable even when the mercury tops 120ºF.

If all of that wasn’t enough to get your attention, the HD travel trailer also has a fold-out patio and Starlink satellite internet service that provides wireless access throughout the interior. And to further enhance its off-grid capabilities, owners can add a water-generation system that pulls moisture from the air and stores it in a 100-gallon tank.

Living Vehicle travel trailer

Photo Credit: Living Vehicle

Of course, all of this luxury and technology doesn’t come cheap. The Core version of the Living Vehicle 2024 HD trailer starts at $459,995, with a fully-equipped HD Pro topping out at around $640,000. That puts them well out of range for most RVers, but those who can afford it will undoubtedly enjoy an RV unlike any other.

For more information, check out the video above and visit the Living Vehicle website.

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