Living Vehicle’s Travel Trailers Can Create Fresh Water Out of Thin Air

Innovative New Tech Allows RVers to Live Off-Grid Even Longer

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Upscale RV manufacturer Living Vehicle is quickly gaining a reputation for being one of the most innovative companies in the industry. Using clever design, posh materials, and an array of high-tech components, LV has created a luxurious travel trailer that is perfect for work and play. The camper includes solar panels and a lithium battery-powered electrical system that allows owners to stay off the grid for extended periods. But its latest optional feature may be its most impressive yet, allowing RVers to create fresh water out of thin air.

Developed in collaboration with a company called Watergen, the LV Water Generation system extracts moisture from the atmosphere using a minimal amount of power from the trailer’s solar panels. The process requires an outdoor humidity level of at least 20% to operate but can generate up to five gallons of water daily.

Living Vehicle water generation

Image Courtesy of Living Vehicle

The system works by first pulling in outside air and removing dust and dirt while adjusting the temperature to match the current dew point. When that happens, the water vapor is converted to a liquid and undergoes a treatment process using sub-micron filters and ultraviolet light to remove bacteria, viruses, and microbes. After that, the water flows into a holding tank, where it can be dispensed as needed. Any excess water automatically overlooks into the RVs fresh water tank for long-term storage.

A Living Vehicle travel trailer equipped with solar panels and the Water Generation system could potentially stay off-grid indefinitely. The ability to generate power and water for as long as it’s needed could be a real game changer for boondockers. Other than having to replenish food supplies and visit a dump station, the RV is nearly self-sustaining. This should make boondocking much easier and more comfortable.

Living Vehicle water generation

Image Courtesy of Living Vehicle

The technology behind the Water Generation system is intriguing, to say the least. The unit is available as an add-on to any Living Trailer model, although it carries a price tag of nearly $26,000. That is somewhat par for the course for these high-end travel trailers, but perhaps future versions of the hardware will be affordable enough to appear in more modestly priced RVs.

For more information, visit the Living Vehicle website.

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