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Discover Battery’s LITHIUM BLUE LiFePO4 Premium Series Battery Line Can Bring Your RV into the Modern Era

Upgrading to a LITHIUM BLUE battery can make your rig better than ever before.

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There’s no secret that the future of battery technology is lithium-ion. Lithium batteries have spread across multiple industries, and recently the RV industry is the latest to see the light. At the forefront of that movement is Discover Battery, a SOLV4EX company. 

With more than 70 years of battery technology leadership and a decade working on Lithium batteries alone, Discover Battery is an obvious choice when you want to upgrade the batteries inside your RV. Owners seeking the latest energy storage solutions and battery technology for deep-cycle house load need to look no further than the company’s LITHIUM BLUE line of batteries.

Better and Faster Than Lead-Acid By Far

discover battery Lithium Blue

Image from Discover Battery

There are many key benefits to using a lithium battery. Most notably, they offer longer life and faster charging. 

“While lithium batteries are more expensive than lead-acid batteries to purchase initially, they deliver a lower total ownership cost,” said Lee Adams, President, Discover Battery. 

“It takes two lead-acid batteries to equal the usable capacity of one LITHIUM BLUE, which lasts the same life as up to ten sets of the same lead-acid batteries. RV owners double their initial cost of a lead-acid battery to get a lithium battery, however, they repeat the purchase up to ten times over replacing old batteries to get the same usable capacity of just one top-quality LITHIUM BLUE battery. That is why LITHIUM BLUE is the best choice—it just makes better financial sense.”

Lithium batteries are also roughly half the weight of your typical lead-acid batteries, which is extremely important for RVers, who should always be concerned about the weight of their rig. Less weight means you’ll have more capacity in your rig for gear and supplies,  giving you the opportunity to stay out longer than before, and because you have lithium batteries you’ll be able to keep your rig powered for longer, too. 

LITHIUM BLUE charges up to five times faster than traditional lead-acid batteries, and even twice as fast as standard lithium batteries. A 100 amp charger will charge a 1C rated Lithium Blue in just one hour. 

Discover Battery’s LITHIUM BLUE battery can also be discharged up to 100 percent, something a deep-cycle lead-acid battery cannot do, meaning you get more out of each charge. If you plan on leaning on your RV’s batteries for your power consumption needs, you’ll have more reliable, longer-lasting power by going with a LITHIUM BLUE battery. 

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