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Close View Of Parked Camper Van With Three Solar Panels On Top Of Roof.
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Gear Guide: Solar Panel Kits to Add to Your Rig

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a full-timer, a big part of the RV lifestyle is the independence that comes with it. You can go where you want, when you…
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Lessons Learned from a DIY Solar RV Install

Last fall, our family embarked on a journey across the United States in our 30-foot Winnebago travel trailer. We knew our trusty Toyota Tundra and Winne Minnie Plus would keep…
Solar Power Primer Diagram
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A Complete RV Solar System Install

RV Solar System Harnessing solar power has been around since 1839, when French scientist Alexandre Edmond Becquerel discovered one could turn the sun’s energy into electricity if he/she used the…
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How Much Solar Do I need on My RV?

Having four big solar panels attached to the roof of our trailer attracts a bit of attention when we pull into most campgrounds. It is not uncommon for a new…