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Is This the Most Luxurious and Technologically Advanced RV Ever?

Built on the Heavy-Duty Mercedes Actros Platform, this Motorhome Redefines Luxury

Image Caption: Image Courtesy of Dembell

Luxury and technology rise to entirely new levels inside the Dembell Motorhome Model M—an upscale RV packed with features and amenities. Built by a German company specializing in high-end vehicles, the Model M comes with everything RVers could ask for, provided they can afford its decidedly hefty price tag.

Built on the Mercedes heavy-duty Actros platform, the Model M stretches over 65 feet in length. To keep it from becoming too ponderous out on the highway, Dembell has given the vehicle all-wheel steering and an air suspension for a smoother ride. But don’t worry too much about driving this massive RV in tight places. It comes with a built-in garage large enough to park a Smart Car—with a pricer model available that can accommodate a Ferrari—for once you reach the campground.

Dembell Motorhome Model M

Image Courtesy of
Enes Yilmazer/YouTube

Back-Up Power

Other external features include a large pass-through storage area and four 320-watt solar panels paired to an 800-watt lithium-ion battery pack. The solar array supplies power to the Model M’s onboard HVAC, appliances, and other systems, although a 408-kilowatt-hour diesel generator—conveniently housed in a soundproof chamber—serves as a backup.

The RV comes with a massive motorized awning that extends the living space outdoors at the push of a button. It includes built-in LED lights for use after dark and a screen that descends vertically for protection from the elements. The awning can even detect if wind speeds exceed 39 mph and automatically retract to avoid damage.

Dembell Motorhome Model M

Image Courtesy of Dembell

Retractable Stairs and Slide-Outs

Access to the interior is gained via a digital keypad, which unlocks the main door and extends the Model M’s retractable staircase. LED lighting illuminates the entire cabin, with skylights and large windows providing ample natural light during the day. Each of those windows is heated to keep them free from frost, and motorized sunshades offer privacy on demand.

The Model M features a slide-out kitchen and living room and two sleeping areas, each with a king-size bed. The dining area has a table that lowers and raises as needed, while the kitchen comes equipped with a dishwasher, microwave, induction stove, and stainless steel sink complete with an extendable faucet. A leather couch and wood accents give the motorhome a truly luxurious feel, while two 55” televisions keep occupants entertained.

Massage Chairs

In the cockpit, the Model M has a large 14” touchscreen for controlling the vehicle’s navigation and infotainment systems and a digital instrument cluster. The driver and passenger are treated to heated and ventilated massaging seats that sit on a hydraulic suspension for a more comfortable ride. The RV even has cameras in place of its mirrors, with the view displayed on digital screens rather than reflective glass.

Of course, reading about the Dembell Motorhome Model M isn’t as fun as seeing it for yourself. Take a look at the video above to get a sense of everything this amazing RV offers. Be warned, though; it may be harder to go back to your own vehicle in the future, knowing that it probably doesn’t have a built-in garage for your Ferrari.

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