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The Best Portable Smokers for RVing

Take Your Campground BBQ Game to the Next Level with These Portable Smokers

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By now, most RVers know that a portable grill is one of the best things they can take on their camping trips. Whether grilling up hot dogs and burgers for lunch or making steaks or roast chicken for dinner, nothing beats a meal made over a fire. But an increasing number of RV owners are also discovering the joys of slow cooking in a smoker. This style of cooking takes a bit more time and patience, but the results can be amazing, producing delicious barbecued pork and beef, succulent sausage, and savory poultry.

The rise in popularity of homemade barbecue has led to tremendous growth in the smoker industry. So much so that there are now dozens of models to choose from, each with its own unique style and approach to cooking. There are even plenty of portable options to choose from, making it easy to bring one of these slow cookers along on our outdoor excursions.

If you’ve been looking for a portable smoker to accompany you on your travels, we’re here to help. We’ve sifted through the numerous options that are currently available and come up with a list of our favorites. Taking into account things like size and weight, ease of use, and the type of fuel required, these are the best portable smokers for RVing.

best portable smokers

Photo Credit: Pit Boss

What is a Smoker?

Much like a grill, a smoker is an apparatus that is used to cook meat. But these products differ dramatically in how the cooking process takes place. While a grill uses a hot flame to cook foods relatively quickly, a smoker uses lower temperatures to roast the meats slowly over time.

Most smokers use charcoal, propane, or special pellets as a source of fuel, which in turn heats up wood chips placed inside to produce smoke. That heat and smoke are trapped in a sealed chamber, which slowly cooks the contents over several hours. During that process, the meat is infused with a smoky taste that can vary significantly based on the type of wood utilized for cooking.

In addition to slow-roasting meat, a smoker can also make some of the same foods that are cooked on a grill. Those can include vegetables like potatoes and corn or other items like kebabs, smoked cheeses, olives, nuts, and more. Chefs who enjoy this style of cooking often love to experiment with different things, creating their own savory culinary creations.

The Best Portable Smokers for RVing

These portable smokers should be on your shortlist to take with you on your next RV trip.

best portable smokers

Photo Credit: Pit Boss

Pit Boss 3-Series Gas Smoker

Pit Boss makes some of the best smokers on the market, and its 3-Series models are excellent options for RVers. Weighing in at 63 pounds and standing nearly four feet tall, this isn’t the most compact model on the market. But a set of built-in wheels makes it easy to move around, and its sturdy construction stands up to the rigors of travel nicely.

This model comes with four porcelain-coated cooking racks for smoking multiple types of meat at a temperature ranging from 100ºF to 320ºF. It uses propane as a fuel source, making it easy to start and heating up quickly. A wide door on the front provides easy interior access and has a large glass window, which makes it easy to monitor progress. This unit even has exterior access to the smoke tray, allowing chefs to add or adjust wood chips on the fly. Price: $319

Buy the Pit Boss 3-Series at Camping World

best portable smokers

Photo Credit: Masterbuilt

Masterbuilt Adventure Series Smoker

Full-featured and compact, this model has everything you could ask for in a portable smoker, including an affordable price. Features include a broad temperature range of 150ºF to 400ºF, built-in temperature sensors to monitor and maintain the settings, and an onboard diffuser to spread the heat evenly.

At 77 pounds, this isn’t the lightest portable smoker on the market, but built-in wheels make it easy to move about. The unit can cook for up to 57 hours straight using propane to generate up to 7,500 BTU/hour. Other nice touches include an externally-accessed stainless steel wood-chip tray, built-in safety shut-off valves, and four smoking racks—plus two accessory racks—for versatility and space. Price: $199.97

Buy the Masterbuilt Adventure Series Smoker at Camping World

best portable smokers

Photo Credit: Broil King

Broil King Vertical Smoker

Available in both propane– and charcoal-burning models, the Broil King Vertical Smoker is a fantastic option for experienced smokers. Both versions offer four cubic feet of cooking space and include 16 stainless steel meat hooks, along with four individual cooking racks. This model can produce up to 15,000 BTUs of heat, with precision controls that include individually adjustable dampers and access to the smoker box and water pan through a secondary door.

This model is on the heavy side, tipping the scales at over 90 pounds. But for those with the space in their RV, this is a precision cooking instrument that creates delicious meals that will have mouths watering at the campsite. Thankfully, it can make large meals, as curious neighbors will likely be dropping by to see what’s for dinner. Price: $799 (propane)/$749 (charcoal)

Buy the Broil King Vertical Propane or Charcoal Smoker at Camping World

best portable smokers

Photo Credit: Dyna Glo

Dyna Glo Charcoal Bullet Smoker

For the ultimate in portability, it is tough to top the Dyna Glo Bullet Smoker. This model weighs just 21 pounds, making it light enough to go just about anywhere you want to take it. The Bullet’s compact size puts a limit on how much food it can cook at any given time, but this unit is easy to transport and store, even in a small towable or camper van.

This model uses charcoal as its fuel source, which allows it to convert to a standard grill when needed. It is versatile enough to function as both a smoker and a grill at the same time, giving camp chefs more options for meal prep. The lid and bottom of the Bullet have integrated dampers that provide fine temperature control and smoke adjustment, which help to achieve surprisingly flavorful foods. Price: $79

Buy the Dyna Glo Compact Charcoal Bullet Smoker at Camping World

best portable smokers

Photo Credit: Oklahoma Joe

Oklahoma Joe’s Bronco Drum Smoker

The Oklahoma Joe’s Bronco Drum Smoker is another model that extends its versatility by converting into a charcoal grill. But make no mistake, this model is a dedicated smoker at heart. It utilizes a custom-designed airflow system and sealed lid to control temperature and ensure even distribution of smoke throughout the cooking process. It can also hold enough fuel to cook for up to ten hours at a time.

At 136 pounds, this unit is by far the heaviest on our list. Thankfully, it has large wheels and ergonomic handles that make moving it around a breeze. A removable ash pan and porcelain-coated shelves and grills make for easy cleanup too. Price: $579.99

Buy the Oklahoma Joe’s Bronco Drum Smoker at Camping World

best portable smokers

Photo Credit: Char-Broil

Char-Broil Digital Electric Smoker

A portable electric smoker brings added convenience and precision control that isn’t always found in a propane or charcoal model. The trade-off is that you need electricity at the campground to use this type of appliance. If you do have a power source, however, you’ll find the Char-Broil Digital Electric Smoker to be a fantastic travel companion.

This unit weighs 54 pounds and has the added luxury of not requiring an outside source of fuel. Camp cooks can just plug it in, turn it on, and adjust the temperature to fit their needs. Intuitive onboard controls make the process as simple as can be, and you can even monitor progress and control the unit with an included remote. This is an excellent option for beginners or those who enjoy smoked meats without having to dive deep into the cooking process. Price: $369.99

Buy the Char-Broil Digital Electric Smoker at Camping World

best portable smokers

Photo Credit: Big Green Egg

Medium Big Green Egg

No list of smokers would be complete without at least mentioning the Big Green Egg, a brand of smoker that has been instrumental in the rise in popularity of this cooking style. This versatile product can grill steaks, smoke brisket, cook barbecue ribs, and more. This unit is well known for being fast and efficient, with remarkably consistent results. Because of this, it is considered one of the best smokers on the market and a favorite of backyard chefs and professionals alike.

All Big Green Egg models are built like a tank and weigh nearly as much as one too. The Medium version is a hefty 114 pounds, which means you may want to add a set of wheels or a stand to help move it around. But it offers enough capacity to feed a sizable group and is durable enough to survive in the outdoors.

Buy the Medium smoker from Big Green Egg

These are some of our favorite smokers for use while camping. Anyone of these models can cook up amazing meats, vegetables, and other foods that will leave your friends and family raving. Which one works best for you depends on how much space you have in your RV and your confidence in your smoking skills. But no matter which option you choose, don’t forget to invite us over to sample some of your results.

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