Video: Four-Wheel Camper Announces Amazing Upgrades for 2024

The Truck Camper Manufacturer Brings an Array of New Features and Amenities to Its Product Line

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Four Wheel Campers

In the ultra-competitive truck camper space, Four Wheel Campers continually offers some of the best options on the market. The company’s well-designed models are known for their rugged build quality, innovative features, and clever use of space. But in 2024, the brand is taking things to the next level with a slew of new amenities that will dramatically improve life at the campsite.

The short video above shows off some of the new features coming to the Four Wheel Camper line-up, including increased counterspace courtesy of flush-mounted sinks and stoves. The onboard kitchenette also gets an upgrade thanks to a new Dometic stove that provides more cooking space. The Slide-In, Hawk, and Grandby campers also get under-bed storage, which was previously only available on the company’s Flatbed models.

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Photo Credit: Four Wheel Campers

Perhaps more exciting is the redesigned power system that comes to Four Wheel Campers in 2024. All models now include up to three lithium house batteries connected to large gauge wiring, a Victron converter, a battery monitor, and a solar charge controller. Those power cells provide juice to a Truma furnace and water heater, creating a cozier and more comfortable camping experience in cold weather conditions. An optional roof-mounted Nomadic air conditioner efficiently keeps the interior space cool during the summer. And when staying at a traditional campground, shore power is now an option, too.

The biggest reveal in the video is that customers now have two options to choose from when selecting their roof-lift actuator systems. These are the mechanisms used to pop up the campers while at the campsite, providing more interior space. The first option is an exterior-mounted actuator that powers on by turning a key, completing the pop-up process in under a minute. The alternative is an internal system that isn’t quite as slick but is less expensive and still highly effective. That option can also be retrofitted on older Four Wheel Camper models.

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Photo Credit: Four Wheel Campers

Reading about these excellent upgrades isn’t nearly as interesting as seeing them in action. To fully understand the benefits that these new features bring, check out the video above. Then, visit the Four Wheel Campers website to learn more.

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