New Study Reveals 1 in 4 Campers Keep Their Favorite Campsites a Secret

The Survey also Revealed the Most Popular National Parks in the US and More

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Recently, a company called Insuranks surveyed more than a thousand people about the current state of camping in the US. The website—which helps users find affordable home, auto, and life insurance policies—posted the results of that survey online, revealing some very interesting information. The data collected reinforces some of the trends we’ve all seen in recent months while revealing new insights into the challenges campers are currently facing.

Perhaps the least surprising stat from Insuranks’ survey is that 65% of respondents indicated that campgrounds have gotten busier since 2020. Furthermore, 29% of respondents report having trouble reserving a campsite, with most people now making reservations six months in advance on average. This is likely due to the fact that more people are camping now than ever before, which is reflected in the survey data that shows two in three Americans plan to camp at least one night this year.

2023 camping statistics

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National and state parks remain the most popular places to go camping, with 67% of respondents indicating they are their preferred destinations. The survey data also revealed which of those locations ranked highest amongst campers. Yellowstone National Park took the top honors, followed by the Grand Canyon, Zion, Glacier, and Joshua Tree. Insuranks even share the top national or state parks for camping in each of the 50 states.

One of the more interesting stats to come out of the survey is that 26% of the respondents say they try to keep their favorite campsites a secret. Essentially, they hope their top location will stay off the radar, making getting a reservation easier and reducing crowding. That’s become increasingly more challenging thanks to online resources and apps that share camping spots and boondocking locations.

2023 camping statistics

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The survey also offers insights into how Americans feel about camping versus glamping, how much they spend on average for those activities, and whether or not camping is getting more expensive. The results of the research cover camping of all types, including tent, car, and RV outings.

To read the results of the survey, visit the Insuranks website.

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