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Beach Campfire
Life on the Road

Building the Perfect Campfire

A campfire is an essential part of the outdoor experience even if you’re traveling in an RV equipped with all the modern conveniences. Whether you cook your meals on it…
Life on the Road

RV Campsite Safety Essentials

Camping in your RV is one of the most enjoyable things you and your family will ever do. Plus, RVing is the safest and best way to travel because you…
Truck Camping
Places to Go

Wild for Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula

Immediately after spending our relaxing honeymoon on an Alaskan cruise, we’d been planning to return to The Last Frontier in an RV someday. Celebrating our twentieth wedding anniversary, my husband,…
A couple at the perfect campground
Life on the Road

Guide to Finding the Perfect Campground in 2021

Camping in 2020 was a unique experience for all of us. With the COVID-19 pandemic changing pretty much everything and a record number of campers out there enjoying the great…
Life on the Road

Winter Camping in the Snow

Winter camping has its own special beauty, and for a growing number of RV enthusiasts this brisk season no longer means packing up the rig for months of storage every…
Family Travel

Family Road Trip Tips

For generations, family road trips have played a huge role in childhoods throughout the United States and beyond. Ask a friend about their favorite road trip memories, and they’ll likely…
Life on the Road

Hunting Campers

In 2016 researchers at Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences released the results of a study assessing people’s motivation to hunt. The group they surveyed had taken a…
Places to GoTravel

Camping in Canada’s Northwest Territories

As we passed through Dawson Creek, British Columbia, last summer, an RVer on his way back down the Alaska Highway told me that Alaska was too remote for his tastes…
Family Travel

10 Tips for RV Family Camping

What comes to mind when you think of RVing? A retired couple living out their golden years on the open road? How about a young 20-something living the #vanlife before…