Video: Take a Tour of a Rugged Off-Road Travel Trailer Built for Overlanding

The Brüder EXP-7 Combines Go-Anywhere Capabilities with Luxury Style and Amenities

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Brüder

If you’re looking for an off-road travel trailer for boondocking or overlanding, a Brüder towable should be on your short list of options. The Australian company designs and builds RVs rugged enough to survive the notoriously demanding Outback while still allowing its customers to travel in comfort and style. These go-anywhere campers are perfect for almost any adventure, with features designed to conquer any terrain.

The video above takes us on a tour of one such model, the Brüder EXP-7. This travel trailer comes with a number of outstanding features, including doors on both sides that make entering and exiting the vehicle a breeze. A built-in air suspension allows the RV to raise or lower as much as 12”, making it more streamlined on the highway and safer for use off-road. And heavy-duty all-terrain tires and an independent suspension ensure a smooth ride no matter where you travel.

The EXP-7 has 1200-watt solar panels mounted on its roof, an onboard water filtration system, plenty of internal and external storage, and even a special compartment just for holding a washing machine. The trailer also comes with a remote water pick-up system that allows owners to refill the freshwater tanks while camping off the grid.

Bruder EXP-7

Photo Credit: Brüder

Inside, you’ll find a large main bed surrounded by windows on all sides, along with additional bunks for guests. The hybrid indoor/outdoor kitchen features a powered cooler outside and a min-fridge in, with a microwave and induction cooktop to assist with meal prep. A large stainless steel basin with a residential faucet, plenty of counterspace, and a pantry make this a place you want to hang out. Meanwhile, the large interior shower is accessible through one of the exterior doors, making it easy to clean up after a long day on the trail.

The Brüder EXP-7 is one of the most capable off-road travel trailers on the market. But despite its rugged exterior and over-engineered design, it also offers a refined camping experience you can take anywhere. The video does an excellent job of showing what this vehicle can do and why it is a popular option for adventurous RVers and overlanders.

Check out the video above and visit Brüder’s website for more information.

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