The Polaris Xpedition is an ATV That Can Double as a Mini RV

This Side-By-Side Offers Unmatched Versatility and Customizability

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Polaris

ATVs and RVs have always gone very well together. So well, in fact, that the RV industry created an entirely new class of travel trailers just to support the two activities. Toy haulers are specifically designed for people who want to bring quad-runners, side-by-sides, or other UTVs along on their travels, giving them a portable garage for servicing and transporting their off-road vehicles. But what if your ATV was also your RV? Believe it or not, that’s a real possibility with one new model.

Polaris Xpedition

Photo Credit: Polaris

A few months back, Polaris introduced the Xpedition, a side-by-side ATV designed to be the most versatile vehicle on the trail. This model offers unprecedented customizability, with more than 100 accessories capable of transforming its looks and capabilities. Those include bike and kayak racks, upgradeable lighting packages, interchangeable doors, GPS navigational features, and more. Owners can even choose between a variety of off-road wheels and tires or replace them with tank-like treads for use in deep snow.

Speaking of snow, the Xpedition is well-equipped to take on the elements. It has an enclosed cab that can be both heated and cooled, making it the perfect four-season adventure machine. It has a 114-horsepower engine, a rugged suspension system, and 14 inches of ground clearance allowing the ATV to cross over rough terrain without missing a beat. Polaris says it can travel up to 200 miles on a single tank of gas and has three drive modes—comfort, standard, and sport—along with two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive settings. All of those features should come in handy when accessing remote trails.

Polaris Xpedition

Photo Credit: Polaris

But one of the most intriguing features of the Xpedition is the possibility of using it as a mini backcountry RV. Thanks to a rugged roof rack from Rhino-Rack and a rooftop tent designed by Polaris itself, this utility vehicle can transform into a tiny camper that can go just about anywhere. Owners can even add an awning—complete with LED lighting—and a cooler box for bringing fresh foods along for the journey. The ample storage compartment has a carrying capacity of over 600 pounds, easily accommodating camping gear like chairs, a portable stove, water jugs, a ground tent, sleeping bags, or nearly anything else you want to take you.

Obviously, the Xpedition won’t replace your regular motorhome or travel trailer anytime soon, but it does open the door to some very intriguing possibilities. We like that the ATV can go places a most traditional vehicle can’t without having to completely sacrifice all of the creature comforts we enjoy with RV camping. It is also a lot less expensive than a dedicated overlanding vehicle, yet it can travel to many of the same places. It also makes an excellent support vehicle for all of your other favorite outdoor activities, like hiking, mountain biking, skiing, and fishing or hunting.

Polaris Xpedition

Photo Credit: Polaris

The Xpedition comes in three models and twelve trim levels, giving potential buyers plenty of options for the ATV they want to own. Those models include the high-end Northstar edition, as well as the ADV and XP versions. Each is available in two- or five-seat configurations with the option of an open or enclosed cargo box. When matched with the more than 100 accessories available for the vehicle, the customization options are nearly infinite.

The XP and ADV Xpedition models are available now with $28,999 and $29,999 starting prices, respectively. The Northstar edition is coming in early 2024. To learn more about these fantastic ATVs—and all of the ways they can be used to power your adventures—visit the Polaris website.

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