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E. Don Smith


Motorhome Battery Upgrade

Lifeline offers AGM models for house- and starting-power needs Although it is unpopular, battery maintenance is a necessary part of motorhome ownership and something that is required to keep a…
DIY, RVs: Motorhomes

Detailing Your RV Like a Pro

  Some expert tips to keep a fully painted motorhome looking great If you are an owner who insists on keeping the full-body paint job on your motorhome looking like…
New Gear

Installation: Galley Faucet

  Replacing a galley fixture is easy, and is a quick way to improve the look of your motorhome’s kitchen   When it comes to plumbing, your motorhome has many…

Power Plays

  Testing your motorhome’s battery systems increases overall performance and longevity A motorhome is a complicated set of mechanical and electronic systems, and the heart of most of those systems…
DIY, New Gear, Top Stories

Bugging Out

  We put 14 specialty insect-remover products to the test Unless you travel with your own personal detailing crew, cleaning the bugs off the front of your coach is likely…
DIY, New Gear

Weigh to Go

Learning the actual wheel weights of your coach will allow more accurate inflation, which leads to improved handling, safety and overall tire life Every year, we hear about motorhome tire…

First Line of Defense

  Shielding an RV from Mother Nature’s worst not only protects its good looks but prolongs the lifespan of your investment If it weren’t for pesky things like a budget,…
Gear Reviews, New Gear

Cover Story

Streamline the process of installing a motorhome cover with these simple tips If it weren’t for pesky things like a budget, homeowner’s association rules, time and space, we would all…
DIY, Gear Reviews, New Gear

Dry Cleaning

  Reduce the mess – and the slippery slopes – with near-waterless fiberglass roof cleaning   Cleaning the roof of a motorhome is never a particularly easy task, but some…
DIY, RV Living

Spring at Last

  Preparing your coach for another travel season   After a long, hard winter, one of the things that signals spring for RV owners is the de-winterizing of the motorhome.…