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  7. Is a Metal Carport for Your RV Worth It?
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  7. Is a Metal Carport for Your RV Worth It?

Is a Metal Carport for Your RV Worth It?

Protect your RV with a carport!

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Let’s face it: RVs and campers aren’t cheap. In order to provide you with the best camping and road trip experience possible, companies have carefully selected quality parts and components for your rig to help it stand up to the test of time. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take extra precautions, however. After all, an RV is a major investment that you’ll definitely want to protect.

Although we love exploring the brilliance of her diverse landscapes, Mother Nature can be cruel to just about anything stored outside… Wear and tear via the elements not only leads to rapid aging of your rig with avoidable cleaning and repairs but can also affect the safety of your RV.

The simple step of getting your RV covered while you store it can end up saving you thousands of dollars in the long run and ensure that your trusty road warrior is ready to roll when the ‘adventure bug’ bites you.

There are many ways to accomplish protecting your rig from elements. Tough covers made of various synthetic materials are highly popular and cost-effective, but perhaps the most effective cost/benefit balance is achieved by the metal carport. Let’s go over some considerations for using a metal carport to store your RV and whether it’s right for you.

Climate and Weather

Depending on where you live, a carport may make more sense for protecting your RV. UV rays from the sun are tough on your RV’s exterior and over time, can degrade and discolor anything that meets the eye. Moisture is also an enemy as it promotes the development of rust. Yes, a cover will keep your RV out of the sun and rain, but you will need to ask: is it tough enough for my needs?

Covers will not protect your RV from impact damage such as hail or tree limbs. If you live in a wooded area or know that thunderstorms in your area often bring hail, a fabric cover will not be able to stand up to these natural threats from smashing up your rig.

Do you live in the north? Snow and ice are also really tough on RVs stored outdoors. A cover will allow snow and ice to accumulate on top of your rig, adding hundreds or even thousands of pounds to the roof. This can be unnecessarily hard on suspension systems and may damage fragile components on your roof like your AC unit.

If your outdoor situation concerns you for any of the above reasons, or others, a metal carport might be the right call. Its sturdy frame and large awning will keep all sun, rain, snow, sleet, flying tree branches, etc. from wreaking natural havoc on the RV you’ve worked so hard for.

Modern metal carport car garage parking made of silver metal and glass

A modern metal carport can be really nice. (Image from Shutterstock)


How often do you travel in your RV? Are you and your family a group that gets the itch to travel and decides to leave on a moment’s notice? Perhaps you like to use your RV for entertainment purposes when it’s parked or maybe the kids like to use it as a play hub. If so, metal carports are excellent for folks that want quick and easy access to their RV at all times.

A cover, on the other hand, requires you to remove it and get it all packed away before you inspect your RV, clean it, and get ready to leave. This can be annoying if you want to be able to hit the road whenever you please. If you only travel a handful of times each year and don’t plan on using your RV for any other purposes, however, this might not be as much of a concern.


A high level of protection and convenience for your RV does come with some significant cost. While the actual amount of cash you’ll need to spend varies with the size of your RV and its features/quality, you can expect the bill to likely climb into the thousands (a quick internet search will show you a probable range of ~$1,500-10,000).

Although the price point of a cover is far more attractive at around a few hundred bucks, you might also want to consider what the carport could end up saving you in the long run. Covers wear down and need to be replaced multiple times throughout your RV’s life. In addition, any damage the vehicle sustains from storms or simply the toll of the elements can really add up… You probably remember that from the last time you had to pay for a major RV repair. Not fun.

Final Thoughts

Traditional RV covers are a great option for many campers and they certainly have their place. They are affordable and keep your rig dry and out of the sun. If you’re looking for a higher level of convenience and protection, however, a metal carport is a fantastic way to store your RV.

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