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Watch an Old U-Haul Trailer Get Converted into a Towable RV

The Repurposed Cargo Hauler Makes a Surprisingly Great Towable

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Jordan Workshop

We’ve seen some unusual custom RV builds in recent months, including school buses, cargo vans, and even a FedEx truck, get converted into luxurious campers. But we’ve never seen an old U-haul trailer overhauled to become a tiny travel trailer. That is, until now.

The video above takes us through the step-by-step process of making such a conversion. In the beginning, the trailer is as basic and nondescript as possible, but by the end, it has evolved into a great living space complete with windows, wood paneling, and a fresh coat of paint with a custom graphic. With those elements in place, there is little indication of the trailer’s previous function, which involved hauling cargo rather than serving as a mobile base camp.

U-Haul trailer camper conversion

Photo Credit: Jordan Workshop

Other features added to the 4’ x 8’ trailer include an air conditioning unit, a memory foam bed, and an array of repurposed lithium-ion batteries. Those power cells are wired directly to a 1000-watt inverter and integrated USB ports to provide electricity for running small appliances and recharging mobile devices. The owner also added a spare tire, a 20-liter water container, and a roof-mounted gear rack that he removed from an old Nissan Xterra.

YouTuber Scott Jordan completed this project, demonstrating his skill and experience in the process. Watching him assemble his new travel trailer is impressive, but even more so when you see how much of the material he uses is recycled. Nearly everything that went into this conversion was repurposed from something else, keeping a lot of junk out of a landfill.

U-Haul trailer camper conversion

Photo Credit: Jordan Workshop

The video gives us a glimpse of what can be accomplished with a little hard work and imagination. Check out the Jordan Workshop YouTube channel to see more of Scott’s work.

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