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  7. This FedEx Truck is an RV in Disguise

This FedEx Truck is an RV in Disguise

Army Vet Converts 1998 Delivery Vehicle into a Home on Wheels

Image Caption: Image Courtesy of Sundry Photography/Shutterstock

When Jonathan Norris retired from the service in December, 2021 he was ready to embark on the next phase of his life, which included hitting the road in his custom-made camper van. But unlike most van conversion projects, Norris didn’t build his home-on-wheels on a Ford Transit or Mercedes Sprinter van platform. Instead, he took a decidedly different approach by completely renovating the interior of an old FedEx delivery truck, turning it into a stealth RV that flies completely under the radar.

The truck rides on a 1998 Chevrolet Grumman Olson frame with a V8 engine under the hood and a manual transmission. In its original form, the vehicle included built-in shelving and storage bins for securely holding packages sent out for delivery. But when Norris started remodeling the 18-foot long cargo hold, he removed those features to make room for his living space.

Once he had gutted the truck’s storage space, Norris went to work turning it into his new home. He added a kitchen that includes a massive sink, an 1800-watt microwave oven, and a nearly-full size refrigerator. Fresh water flows into the sink from one of three 30-gallon tanks, giving the van plenty of onboard water. A 30-gallon gray-water tank collects runoff, as does a separate 15-gallon tank located beneath the spacious shower.

The kitchen sits beside a dining area, which includes seating for four and a large tabletop that slides out of the way when not in use. After a meal, the space converts into a living room that includes a 4K television and a surround sound system complete with a subwoofer. The area can also transform into a twin-size guest bed for overnight visitors.

A queen-size bed is located towards the back of the truck and is lofted over the gear garage. As an avid outdoor enthusiast, Norris enjoys mountain biking and kayaking but needs a place to store all of his equipment. A cavernous cargo area under the bed makes the perfect storage space for those items. The bed conveniently slides out of the way, making it easier for him to find the equipment he needs for his outdoor adventures.

The FedEx truck-turned-RV has plenty of other clever tricks up its sleeve. For instance, it is equipped with a shore power plug, onboard house batteries, and solar panels to provide electricity. Norris also installed a five-gallon hot water heater and has built custom cabinets and a pantry. He has even added an engine heater and wired it to the truck’s battery packs, allowing him to warm up the motor while camping in frigid weather.

In the video above, Norris says that he spent about $25,000 converting the truck, including $3500 for purchasing the vehicle. Most of the parts that he used in his buildout came from Home Depot, and he spent more than a year and a half completing the work. As you can see, the results have been outstanding, and now he owns a camper van that looks like a FedEx truck on the outside. That certainly makes this one of the more unique vehicles that we’ve ever seen.

For more images of the buildout process visit Jonathan’s Instagram page.

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