20 RV Families and RV Couples Living and Working From the Road

Follow These Full-Time RVers to See How They're Living the Dream

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Living and working from the road full-time is the ultimate dream for many RV owners. The freedom that comes with traveling wherever and whenever you like is alluring. For some, the nomadic lifestyle means moving about with the change of seasons; for others, it means going whichever way the wind blows.

This way of life may seem unobtainable, but for thousands of RVers, it is reality. There are plenty of people who have transitioned to full-time status, many of whom share glimpses into their lives through social media and other internet outlets. If you want to know how they make it work—and pick up tips for how you can, too—follow these 20 RV families and couples as they explore life on the road.

Rae and Jason Miller (@getaway_couple)

In 2017, Rae and Jason Miller hit the road in their Grand Design Solitude 375RES fifth wheel trailer for what was supposed to be a one-year journey. But smitten by the full-time lifestyle, they decided to keep going, now sharing their adventures—along with plenty of RV news, tips, and suggestions—on Instagram, YouTube, and the Getaway Couple website.

Amanda and David Boles (@therollinboles)

Amanda and David Boles—along with their long-haired chihuahua Bailey—have been RVing full-time for nearly four years. They share their experiences from the road on their Instagram account, including realistic expectations of full-time RV life. They originally started out in a fifth wheel but now make their home in a Class A model.

Aaron and Lauren Grijalva (@the.wanderpreneurs)

The Grijalvas have been living the full-time RV life since 2018 when they hit the road with their two kids, Casen and Calista. Since then, they’ve wandered all over the country, visiting more than 20 states and two dozen national parks. They chronicle their journey in their Coachmen Chaparral on the Wanderpreneurs webpage, Instagram account, and YouTube channel while sharing a monthly newsletter on how to build a social media audience.

Tyler and Todd Gibbon-Thorne (@tylerandtodd)

Before embarking on the full-time RV life in 2019, Tyler and Todd Gibbon-Thorne purchased a 1996 travel trailer for $7000. They promptly gutted the RV and renovated it from the ground up, making it the perfect home and mobile office. On Tyler + Todd website, the couple shares the furnishings used in that makeover and the essential camping equipment that makes life at the campground so much fun. The duo also has a popular YouTube channel that releases new videos every Sunday and an Instagram feed with more than 129,000 followers.

Leah and Brennan (@the_ramblr_rv)

Leah and Brennan are both Florida natives who have become full-time RVers. Their story began when they remodeled a small 1989 travel trailer, but they have since upgraded to a renovated 2003 Holiday Rambler Presidential fifth wheel. Brennan works full-time as an RV renovation consultant, while Leah is a content creator who runs a social media management company. You can follow their adventures on Instagram and the Ramblr RV website.

Nate and Christian Axness (@projecttrek)

After surviving the financial collapse of their business, Nate and Christian Axness were searching for a lifestyle that provided them more freedom and time with their kids, Ella and Anderson. They found it in the spring of 2017 when they began RVing full time in their Highland Ridge Open Range fifth wheel. The entire family shares photos from the road on Instagram and blog posts of their travels on the Project Trek website.

Brooklyn and Bubba Durell (@durellsdownsize)

Brooklyn and Bubba Durell—along with their sons Brody, Kyler, and Dax—began RVing full-time in November 2019. As a traveling nurse, Brooklyn often finds herself working in different places scattered across the country. But living and traveling in their Forest River Sabre fifth wheel allows the entire family to travel together, no matter where her job takes her. Follow the Durells on Instagram, where they post RV tips and share photos from their current location.

Chase and Lindsay Garrett (@wereoutnabout)

Chase and Lindsay Garrett are traveling nurses who frequently accept contracts in different parts of the country. For them, full-time RVing made perfect sense, allowing them the freedom they needed to pursue their careers wherever their next opportunities would take them. They live in a CrossRoads Sunset Trail fifth wheel, sharing insights into the lifestyle on Instagram, Facebook, and the We’re Out N About website.

Nathan and Marissa (@lessjunkmorejourney)

In 2015, Nathan and Marissa sold their home in Tennessee and embraced the “less junk, more journey” lifestyle. Not long after their daughter was born, the couple purchased a 2011 Newmar Canyonstar 3810—since upgraded to a Grand Design Solitude 378MBS—and hit the road. Since then, they’ve traveled across the country, sharing updates on their full-time RV experience, posting photos to Facebook and Instagram, and producing numerous YouTube videos.

Nat and Abi Rodriguez (@letsplayrideandseek)

Disenchanted with the daily grind of a 9-to-5 job, Natalie and Abigail (aka Nat and Abi) Rodriguez bought a decommissioned prison van, turned it into their home on wheels, and embraced the #vanlife in February 2019. They’ve been traveling across the US with their rescue dogs, Bear and Peluche, documenting their adventures on social media for the past several years. You can find out what they’ve been up to on Instagram and letsplayrideandseek.com.

Brittnee and Brentt Proha (@oilsandgracetribe)

Think full-time RVing with a large family is impossible? Think again! The Brittnee and Brentt Proha have been living and traveling with their five children (and the family dog Helen) since April of 2018, first in a Heartland Mallard and now a Heartland Cyclone 4006. They love the freedom and flexibility that comes with RVing, not to mention the interesting people they meet along the way. Follow their adventures on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Dan and Lindsay McKenzie (@follow_your_detour)

Dan and Lindsay McKenzie have always been passionate about travel, spending time in Costa Rica, Panama, and Europe. But when their life took an unexpected turn, they found themselves RVing full-time. Since 2017, they’ve called their Winnebago Navion home, visiting more than 40 states and 30 national parks ever since. You can see where they are currently staying on the couple’s Instagram and Facebook page or on the frequently updated Follow Your Detour website.

Nathalie and Louis (@cedar.stream)

Nathalie and Louis bought a vintage 1969 Airstream Globetrotter in June of 2017 and spent the next two months renovating the living space. Not long after they finished, the couple hit the road and have been full-time RVers since. Later, they were joined by daughter Elouise Scott—who visited 23 states before she turned one—and their adventure pup Parker. Catch up with their exploits on Instagram and the Cedar Stream blog.

April and Jason (@twinning_in_our_5thwheel)

Unlike most of the other couples and families on this list, April and Jason are content to live full-time in their RV at a permanent spot. They’ve made their residence in Sacramento, CA, with their twin daughters Adalyn and Brooklyn. The family plans to travel with their 2005 Keystone Montana 3295RK in the future, but the fully renovated trailer is stationary for now. April’s Instagram updates share how they make it all work.

Kelley and Renee Hayes (@fiftyandfifthwheeling)

When Kelley and Renee Hayes relocated from Texas to Georgia for work, they decided to transition to living in their RV full-time. The couple owns a Keystone Raptor toy hauler and has made it their permanent basecamp for more than three years. This has allowed them to travel more, live healthier, and save money with an eye on retiring early. Check out their Instagram feed and Facebook page to find out more.

Jesse and Rachael Lyons (@thetasteforadventure)

A 2002 Keystone Cougar is the mobile home of choice for Jesse and Rachel Lyons. The couple fell in love with RVing on their very first camping trip and soon transitioned to full-time status. When not working in their marketing jobs, they enjoy sampling beers from the local breweries that they visit during their travels. Follow them on Instagram to find out where they’re headed next.

Mary Ashley Krogh and Owen Chikazawa (@bound.for.nowhere)

When they were fresh out of college, Mary Ashley Krough (aka MAK) and Owen Chikazawa spent six months on an epic road trip, visiting 36 states and 21 national parks. A few years after that trip ended, they found themselves living and working in Atlanta, GA but missing life on the road. The husband-and-wife team made a plan to change that, transitioning to freelance work and full-time RVing. They live in a 2019 Toyota Tundra truck equipped with a Four-Wheel Campers Hawk Flatbed. Check out their fantastic YouTube channel to get a sample of what they’re up to and follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and the Bound for Nowhere website.

James and Stef Adinaro (@thefitrv)

For James and Stef Adinaro, the transition to full-time RVing started with the need for a camper van to support them at athletic events. Avid runners and cyclists, the couple bought a Winnebago Travato and were soon hooked on the RV lifestyle. Now, they use their social media channels to offer advice on how to stay fit while traveling, as well as how to keep your RV fit too. Check them out on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and the Fit RV website.

Marc and Julie Bennett (@rvlovetravel)

Inspired by another couple who are full-time RVers, Marc and Julie Bennett adopted the lifestyle for themselves in 2013. Since then, they’ve visited all 50 states, driven more than 100,000 miles, and traveled through too many state and national parks to count. They’ve also written books to help others transition to full-time RVing themselves while sharing helpful advice on Instagram and RVLove.com.

Dan Lieber and Mackenzie Hartrum (@vanziehartlieb)

The pandemic was the perfect excuse for Dan Lieber and Mackenzie Hartrum to pursue their goals of living in a van and traveling full-time. Since August of 2020, the duo has called their Dodge Ram 3500 van home after converting it into a camper with the help of Mackenzie’s father and brother. In the months since, they have been all over the country and visited plenty of scenic places, most of which end up on their lovely Instagram feed. The couple’s Vanziehartlieb website also provides numerous blog posts detailing life in the van.

These couples and families are just a sample of some of the RVers who have become full-timers. Will you be the next to embark on this bold adventure?

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