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This School Bus was Converted into a Luxury RV

A 2010 Blue Bird bus gets an Amazing Makeover Thanks to Epic Skoolies

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Epic Skoolies

Epic Skoolies has been converting old school buses into beautiful custom RVs for a few years now. But even after seeing a number of examples of their work, the creative team behind these outstanding renovations never ceases to amaze. That said, they’ve taken things to an entirely new level with one of their recent projects, which took a low-mileage 2010 Blue Bird bus and transformed it into a one-of-a-kind luxury motorhome.

One of the first things the Epic Skoolies squad did to the 40-foot bus was raise the ceiling by 18 inches, reinforcing the roof in the process. That gave the interior space a more open and airy feel and made it possible to add a full-length rooftop deck. The owners can access this elevated lounge via a ladder mounted on the vehicle’s exterior.

A security and privacy door—complete with a numeric keypad lock—was added just behind the driver’s seat. This helps isolate the living space, making it feel quieter and more secluded. It also keeps prying eyes from seeing inside the bus, where the living room features a large 55″ smart TV, an integrated sound system, and two comfy couches.

Epic Skoolies

Photo Credit: Epic Skoolies

The kitchen sits further back inside the bus and includes a three-burner induction stove, a small oven, and a microwave. There is also a residential-style refrigerator with a built-in freezer alongside a 20″ commercial-grade sink. A fold-up table pulls double duty as a workspace and a counter for meal prep. A spacious dinette makes a comfortable place to enjoy those meals.

The RV has two bedrooms located at the back of the bus. Both have a twin bed, nightstand, ceiling fan, LED lighting, and large closets. The onboard bathroom—which includes a porcelain toilet, sink, and large shower—is found nearby, as is a washer/dryer combo. The entire area looks very comfortable and private, with plenty of room to stretch out.

Check out the video above for a complete walkthrough of this incredible school bus conversion. It is an outspending example of what can be accomplished with a bit of creativity and imagination. Visit the Epic Skoolies website to see more of the team’s work.

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