Professional Photographer Takes Us on a Video Tour of His Tiny Camper Van

This DIY Project Includes Many Tiny Details that Help Set it Apart From Other Van Conversions

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Henry Turner

As a professional landscape photographer, Henry Turner often finds himself hiking through remote locations just to capture the perfect shot. While that may sound like a dream job, lugging all the equipment he needs can be quite tiring. So much so, at the end of the day, Henry prefers to sleep somewhere more comfortable than a tent. This prompted him to invest in a Fiat Doblo microvan, which he promptly converted into an RV for use on his adventures. And as you’ll see in the video above, he managed to create a very comfortable camper in a surprisingly small space.

The cab of the Doblo didn’t receive many changes, although Turner did remove the bulkhead that separated it from the cargo space. In doing so, he’s made it much easier to access the two areas without having to exit the vehicle. This is especially handy after a long day on the road when he’s just ready to relax and crawl into bed.

The back of the van isn’t large by any standard, but it does have some very nice features that give it a homey feel. Those amenities include a couch that converts into a bed, wooden storage cabinets, and a small counter that pulls double-duty as a workspace and kitchen table. Wood paneling helps keep the interior warmer and quieter, while a computer monitor makes photo editing easier and provides entertainment via an Amazon Fire streaming stick.

camper van conversion

Photo Credit: Henry Turner

The van’s kitchen consists of a propane camping stove and a sink that connects to two 10-liter tanks hidden under the counter. LED lighting keeps the interior well-lit, while an onboard diesel heater provides warmth and a USB-powered fan circulates air. Strategically placed 12-volt outlets and USB ports provide enough power to recharge mobile devices, camera gear, and a laptop. A Jackery portable power station —connected to a solar panel mounted on the roof—supplies the juice to keep everything running.

Turner knew precisely what he needed in a work and living area and did most of the work on the van himself. What is most remarkable about this conversion is how efficiently he used the space. Compared to most other camper vans on the market, the Doblo is lacking in size. But in this case, very little of the room is left unused, creating a mobile base camp for the photographer, who spends a lot of time on the road.

Check out the clip above to get a better sense of how this all fits into the back of such a small van. Turner’s work may even provide some inspiration for a van conversion of your own. And be sure to drop by Henry’s website to get a taste of his beautiful photography.

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