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Video: Check Out This Amazing Ambulance RV Conversion

The "Glambo" is a Stealth Motorhome Built for Luxury Camping

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Tiny House Giant Journey

Some of the best RV conversions we’ve encountered involve vehicles that started life in a completely different capacity. Those include things like school buses, FedEx trucks, and even an airplane or two. But until we watched the video above, we hadn’t come across an ambulance that had been converted into a motorhome before. Now, we see so much potential for some fantastic builds.

The vehicle in the video is owned by a woman named Rachel, who shares it with her cat, Thomas. It is built on a 2006 Chevy Kodiak C4500 platform and spent its first ten years working as an ambulance. In 2016, it was sold to a plumbing company, which used it as a work truck until Rachel bought it for $14,000. She then spent another $8,000-$10,000, turning it into her very own custom RV.

ambulance RV

Photo Credit: Tiny House Giant Journey

The “Glambo,” as the vehicle is known, has a living space that is 14′ long and about 8′ wide, with an interior height of just over 6′. That’s plenty of room for a custom interior, which includes a twin bed, lounge, and a surprising amount of cabinets and other storage spaces. It also has a kitchen with a unique countertop, a large metal sink, and a residential fridge. The front of the cabin even includes a spacious bathroom with a sizable shower and toilet.

Because she works from the road, Rachel knew she needed plenty of power to ensure she could keep everything running. To meet those needs, she outfitted The Glambo with lithium batteries that provide 400 amp-hours of storage capacity and a 3,000-watt inverter connected to 1065 watts of solar panels installed on the roof. That’s enough to keep her lights, refrigerator, computer, and other devices running even when camping off the grid.

ambulance RV

Photo Credit: Tiny House Giant Journey

Other amenities include a portable projector and screen for watching movies and TV shows, an onboard water heater, and a spacious closet. The vehicle has fresh and gray water tanks and includes custom artwork made by Rachel. Tom the cat even has a hidden litter box for when he needs a little privacy too.

The Glambo looks like a comfortable and efficient RV with an excellent living space. To check it out for yourself, watch the entire video.

Thanks to the Tiny House Giant Journey YouTube channel for sharing.

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