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  7. How to Easily Remodel Your RV Bathroom

How to Easily Remodel Your RV Bathroom

Ideas, tips, and advice for easily and affordably flipping your rig’s bathroom.

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The best way to make an RV yours is to really put your mark on it. Because though it may come with nice cabinets and faucets and everything else, they may not be your style. Or—depending on the age of your RV—they may simply be old and outdated.

Fortunately, RVs are completely customizable. Sure, you can swap out furniture or even add an ottoman, toss some decorative pillows on the couch and swap out the window treatments. But for the real DIYer, RVs present a lot more opportunity.

If you’re ambitious and have some basic DIY skills, you can easily and affordably transform your RV into a different space. Honestly, you can pull off a lot of it as long as you can access YouTube how-to videos, so don’t let a little project intimidate you.

Why Remodel Your RV’s Bathroom?

Depending on the size of your rig, you may have three or four rooms that you can tackle for a remodel—most of which you probably spend more time in than your bathroom. So why your bathroom?

Odds are, your bathroom is the smallest space in the RV. That means it should take less work. (At least, in theory. There’s potentially plumbing you’ll need to mess with, which would definitely take more effort).

But, because the spaces tend to be smaller, it’s easier to make a big impact on the room with a few smaller changes.

What to Consider Before Remodeling Your RV’s Bathroom

Whether you’re new to DIYing or practically a pro, an RV is a different animal. While the majority of things are the same, you’ll be working exclusively in cramped spaces. If you’re worried at all about claustrophobia, it may not be for you.

Another consideration is that replacing some of the materials in your bathroom—like a sink or even adding tile — can add weight to your rig. That will have an impact on your gas mileage, albeit perhaps a small one, as you’ll be hauling more with you.

Easy Updates for Your RV Bathroom DIY Remodel

Renovating your RV bathroom can be quick, easy, affordable, and sledgehammer-free. Just a coat of fresh paint here and there, some new tiles or backsplash, shelving, and an updated mirror will transform your bathroom from a typical RV bathroom to your one-of-a-kind space.

Put in a Tile Backsplash or Wall

A bright tile backsplash not only makes your bathroom look more residential, but it also acts as a statement piece. While tile takes a little practice to get used to, you can easily put up a backsplash or even an entire wall (like in your shower). Tile comes in a variety of sizes and styles, so it’s easy to find one that fits the look and style you’re going for with your redesign.

Replace Your Cabinets

Storage is everything in an RV, and bathroom storage can be a little precious. You may be dealing with one or two cabinets at most. Depending on your rig, they may not even be a particularly good set of cabinets, which makes upgrading them relatively easy. Find a style you like, whether traditional or modern or somewhere in between, and install away.

Install a New Shower Head or Faucet

Shower Head RV Bathroom

An updated shower head is a great way to add some new style and functionality to your RV bathroom (image from Getty).

If you’re in a small RV, you likely won’t have many options for an upgrade. However, if you’re in a pull-behind, fifth-wheel, or Class A, B, or C, you may be able to install a residential-style faucet or showerhead. Fittings may be tricky, but a little trial and error can have you a sleek new faucet and a much more comfortable shower head in short order.

Hang a New Mirror

This one isn’t even all that complicated. RV mirrors aren’t always…well, stylish. In fact, they often look like medicine cabinets that came out of a 90s home improvement store. Today’s bathrooms tend to be full of sleek mirrors, be they round or angular. A new mirror can change a space completely—and give you a better look at yourself.

Paint or Wallpaper Your Walls

Wallpaper RV Bathroom

A pop of color by way of a stylish wallpaper pattern or paint swatch will instantly change the look and feel of your RV bathroom (image from Getty).

Also, not a particularly difficult project, painting—or a step further, wallpapering — your walls can completely transform a space (as you probably know from having painted your house or apartment). The exact same principle applies in your RV. Wallpaper is another great way to add color, style, and—in some cases—texture to the space.

Add Shelving

Most RVs have some kind of cabinetry. Open shelves, though, are more design-forward and can make a cramped bathroom feel more spacious. They’re also easy to install, with a couple of brackets and good boards. You may need to find alternate storage options while you’re in transit, but a couple of small, collapsible boxes will do the trick for that just fine.

Replace the Sink

This one’s pretty serious. Changing the faucet is one thing. Changing the sink is another one entirely. That means dealing with plumbing. A big tow-behind, fifth-wheel, or coach may allow you to have a residential-style sink. That opens up an entirely new world of sinks that you can put in your rig, from bowls to undermounts and many more.

Whether you’re RVing on weekends, just for the season, or live on the road full time, your RV should feel like home – because while you’re using it, that’s exactly what it is. These bathroom DIY renovation tips are an easy way to add touches of home to your RV while making the space more functional, more comfortable and, simply, more you – all without a single sledgehammer.

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