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The Best High-End RV Bedding

Mike and Jennifer Wendland of RV Lifestyle try out some high-end RV bedding options and put the debate on which is best to rest.

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In this video, Mike and Jennifer Wendland of RV Lifestyle test out three of the best-selling high-end RV bedding options to help you make the right decision when it comes to feeling well rested and to great night’s sleep.

The first product tested is the RV Superbag, a product created to eliminate the chore of making your bed. The Superbag combines the ease of a sleeping bag with the comfort of traditional bed sheets, laying on top your RV’s mattress with no fitted sheets needed. Complete with both a summer and winter’s side, the RV Superbag  covers you for any type of climate change.

The second high-end RV bedding option Mike and Jennifer test is from Aurora RV Linens, a traditional bedding option that specializes in RV bed sizes. The high-quality custom bedding options from Aurora RV Linens comes in both 100 percent cotton and standard sheet sets. Also offered are mattress pads to give the complete at-home feel of an RV mattress.

The final bedding solution reviewed is the Beddy’s Zipper Bedding Set. The unique style of the Beddy’s product has the look of a sleeping bag and fits directly over the mattress like a fitted sheet. From there, zip open the Beddy’s sheet and inside you will find a sewn-in sheet and minky lining for a good night’s sleep.

Mike and Jennifer post new videos each week reviewing products and destinations just like these to help RVers everywhere navigate the RV lifestyle. Always on the go finding interesting things to share, check out their channel for more great videos.

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