RV Renovations: How to Demo an RV and Prep for Renovation

Tyler and Todd do the Hard Work of Demoing an RV

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Tyler and Todd are two full-timers who took the plunge in the fall of 2019. Since starting their channel they decided to embark on another RV renovation project and you get to see all of the nitty-gritty details. 

Renovating an RV is a process, and in the video above, the guys give you a look behind the curtain at one of the most important steps in that process, the demo. Before you can craft the RV of your dreams, you need to get the RV you have down to a blank canvas, so to speak. In the video above, the guys do just that. 

The day starts with the removal of the furniture, trim, cabinet doors, and anything else that is easily removable. From there, it’s on to the floors and walls, and then throughout the rest of the RV. 

The honestly with which Tyler and Todd present this whole process is what makes this video worth watching. This is not a project for the faint of heart. You have to be committed to this sort of project to get the job done. 

The full demo job takes a couple of days, and both Tyler and Todd put in a ton of work to get the RV ready for its dramatic transformation. To see the finished product post-demo and see all of the other work that went into creating a truly beautiful place to live, check out Tyler and Todd’s YouTube Channel

The guys have tons of videos of RV renovation, full-time living on the road, and so, so much more. If you want to see the latest things that they’re up to, head over to their channel to see their adventures. 

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