EcoFlow Brings Innovative Power Solution to Winnebago Class B Camper Van

The Two Companies Have Partnered to Give Customers an Optional Eco-Friendly Energy System Designed for Off-Grid Camping

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Winnebago

Innovative tech and energy company EcoFlow has joined forces with RV manufacturer Winnebago to announce an exciting new project. Yesterday, the two companies unveiled an upgraded version of the Winnebago Solis Pocket 36B camper van that includes an eco-friendly energy solution built for off-grid camping. Owners of the Class B model now have the option to add the Winnebago x EcoFlow Power Kit Pro to their rigs, giving them a simple and integrated way to power all of their adventures.

Solis Pocket vans equipped with the new Winnebago x EcoFlow Power Kit Pro come with an advanced controller unit that combines five essential components into a single hub. That device includes an inverter, shore power converter, battery energy converter, solar energy converter, and alternator energy optimizer in a single unit. All of that is controlled via a digital touchscreen that is both intuitive and easy to use.

Winnebago x EcoFlow

Photo Credit: Winnebago and EcoFlow

“Winnebago’s partnership with EcoFlow is another example of our company’s continuous innovation and proven ability to deliver technology that enhances owners’ experiences on the road,” said Winnebago President Huw Bower via a press release. “The new floor plan, combined with the optional power solution, makes the Solis Pocket more versatile, energy-efficient and easier to operate than ever before. It’s just one way Winnebago is giving owners freedom to explore the outdoors on their terms.”

At the heart of the Power Kit Pro is a compact 5 kilowatt-hour (kWh) battery installed under the van’s dinette seat. The power cell provides up to 3,600 watts of energy output, allowing it to run the van’s small appliances, lighting, air conditioner, and water heater. Under optimal conditions, the Solis Pocket can camp completely off-grid for up to three days without needing a gas or LP generator.

Winnebago x EcoFlow

Photo Credit: Winnebago and EcoFlow

EcoFlow’s innovative hub proves its worth at a traditional campground too. The unit reportedly reduces charging times via shore power by 50% compared to a standard energy system and recharges 40% faster using the vehicle’s alternator. Owners can even quickly expand their capacity just by plugging in up to two additional batteries.

“At EcoFlow, we want to make sustainable energy solutions that enable adventurous, off-grid living accessible and reliable to anyone, anywhere,” said Brian Essenmacher, EcoFlow’s North American Head of Business Development. “We’re thrilled to partner with Winnebago to bring the Solis 36B to life and provide customers with an unparalleled RV experience that combines the freedom for outdoor living and exploration with easy-to-use, sustainable power solutions.”

Winnebago x EcoFlow

Photo Credit: Winnebago and EcoFlow

In addition to the optional Power Kit Pro add-on package, the Solis Pocket 36B features plenty of other enticing features. For instance, the van has a customizable multi-function dinette that can be configured in seven different ways to enhance work, play, and mealtime. At night, the dinette converts into sleep mode with both single and double bed options thanks to a comfortable and foldable 53″ x 73″ mattress. The vehicle even has a rear wet bath with a removable toilet, built-in sink, medicine cabinet, and a hot shower powered by a Truma Combi Eco water hater.

To learn more about the new Solis Pocket 36B camper van, visit the Winnebago website. And for more eco-friendly energy solutions and devices from EcoFlow, visit the company’s website.

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