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Explore Discover’s Newest RV Battery – Lithium Blue

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With over 70 years of battery innovation experience, it should come as no surprise that Discover Battery knows a thing or two about battery performance. Introducing Lithium Blue, their latest premium series lithium RV battery that is designed specifically for the RV enthusiast who wants to spend less time fussing with their battery and more time on the road creating memories.

The Lithium Blue Battery

For use with any towable trailer or motorhome, Lithium Blue features controlled safety, a long life, and lightning-fast charging performance, plus it is lightweight and easy to maintain making it the perfect battery for your RV. Its larger capacity means you’re able to run electrical loads up to two times longer compared to the same size lead-acid battery.

Speaking of comparisons, Lithium Blue is able to charge five times faster and lasts up to 10 times longer than other batteries. Why is that important? Because you’re able to spend less time plugged in and more time off-grid when visiting any campsite or location. Faster charging equals less waiting. It’s an equation with the best solution.

The Lithium Blue Battery App

Want even more peace of mind? No worries. Discover’s Lithium Blue app (available in app stores) provides accurate, real-time information about energy use and battery State of Charge including the ability to track charge status, track battery capacity, and has troubleshooting tips for quick and easy advice should you need it. The app also gives you access to voltage, current, and temperature status.

Every RV adventure benefits when there is more time spent on the road collecting miles toward your destination. Thanks to the Lithium Blue battery, that goal is easily achieved. Upgrade your RV’s battery today and hit the road knowing you’re traveling with the best of the best.

Why Choose Discover’s Lithium Blue Battery?

Eliminate additional weight on your tow hitch, and avoid adding to the vehicle’s gross vehicle weight, with the lightweight design of Lithium Blue. Stay up and running by saving time from campsite to campsite with its incredibly quick charging capabilities and long-life guarantee.

Reflecting Discover’s philosophy of Design for Excellence, the Lithium Blue incorporates suitcase-style carrying handles and terminal protection as well as field serviceable fuses. Even better, installation is easy and doesn’t require the use of any special tools. As a bonus, every Lithium Blue battery features a user-replaceable fuse. Every Lithium Blue battery is backed by Discover’s five-year workmanship warranty and its Industry-Leading EnergyThroughout Performance Warranty.

Leading the industry in design, manufacturing, and distribution of leading-edge battery technologies dating back to its beginnings as early as 1949, Discover always asks one single question when it comes to upgrading your towable trailer or motorhome’s battery: What are you waiting for? A better battery? If you find yourself waiting for a better battery, then consider the wait over because you’ve found it in the Lithium Blue battery. Discover is leading the charge for a global power shift that results in a cleaner energy future. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

Find out more about Discover’s newest RV battery, Lithium Blue.

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