Embracing the Cold: 8 Reasons Why You Should Try Winter RV Camping

With the Right Vehicle and an Adventurous Attitude, a Cold Weather Outing Can be Very Rewarding

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A recent survey from KOA indicates that a third of all campers are planning a winter camping trip this year. That’s up significantly from the past when cold-weather outings were reserved for the more adventurous outdoor enthusiasts. But as an increasing number of RVs have become better equipped to handle the elements, more and more RVers are taking the opportunity to embrace what was once considered the offseason. Here are eight reasons why you should, too.

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Solitude at the Campground

Even though more people are embarking on winter camping trips, the campground will likely be far less crowded than in the summer. Depending on where you go, there is a good chance you’ll have the place all to yourself. And even if there are a few other RVs in the area, it will still be quieter and more peaceful than during the peak season.

It’s More Affordable

Because demand for campsites is so much lower during the winter months, most campgrounds offer steep discounts to lure in cold-weather RVers. Depending on the length of your stay, that could lead to substantial savings, allowing you to enjoy other activities while stocking up on your favorite foods and beverages.

More Available Campsites

As already noted, most campgrounds are extremely quiet during the winter months. That means you can usually find availability at locations that are nearly impossible to stay at in the summer. You probably won’t even need to make a reservation, which can add an element of spontaneity to the trip that isn’t possible during the busier travel seasons.

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A Base Camp for Winter Activities

As in the summer, your campground can serve as a base camp for your favorite outdoor activities during the winter, too. Hiking is just as enjoyable in the winter as during the warmer months, although the trails tend to be much less crowded. But winter brings the opportunity to try additional activities that just aren’t possible at other times of the year. For instance, camping near a ski resort is a great way to access the slopes for less money. You can also go cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing, too. And don’t forget to pack your sleds and ice skates, as the classics never go out of style.

No Mosquitoes, Bees, or Other Insects

The cold weather means you won’t have to deal with bugs of any kind while at the campground. That can make gathering around a warm campfire much more enjoyable. Additionally, other creatures—like bears and snakes—are hibernating until spring, so you aren’t likely to encounter them at the campsite or on the trail. That alleviates some concerns that can come with a warm-weather outing.

Altered Landscapes

A fresh blanket of snow can make even familiar places feel fresh and unique. Winter camping gives you the chance to experience your favorite locations from a new perspective that is often completely different from other times of the year. You’ll be amazed at how exciting it can be to explore a destination during the colder months of the year.

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Altered Moods

Many people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, which comes on due to the short days, long nights, and relative inactivity that comes with winter. But cold-weather camping can be a cure for those winter blues, helping you get outdoors, have some fun, and take a break from your routine. After a weekend at the campground, you’ll feel happier, more refreshed, and more energized, too.

Just For the Experience of It

Camping in the winter isn’t as easy or carefree as the summer. You’ll have to be a bit more diligent about the weather and come prepared for the cold conditions. That said, it can be a shared experience that feels like a grand adventure, bringing its own unique challenges and rewards. Chances are, if all you do is stay huddled in your warm RV for the entire trip, you’ll still have a great time with your friends and family. Just be sure to stock up on hot chocolate, snacks, games, and movies.

Despite the challenges that can come with winter, it is still a fantastic time to go camping. Yes, you’ll need some extra gear to keep you warm, and the snow can sometimes make travel difficult. But once you embrace the cold—not to mention your own sense of adventure—you’ll find it is a uniquely rewarding experience. Just plan ahead, come prepared, and stay safe. If you do all of that, chances are your first winter camping trip won’t be your last.

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