Smartphone Camping App ‘The Dyrt’ Sees Sharp Increase in Winter Outings

User Survey Shows Camping Continues to Grow in Popularity

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Traditionally, the cold and snowy months of winter haven’t exactly been a popular time to go camping. But according to a new report from The Dyrt—a popular smartphone app for finding and booking campsites—that could be changing. A recent survey of the app’s users indicates that more people are going camping across all four seasons, although the winter months have seen a massive surge in popularity.

More than 3000 of The Dyrt’s registered users took part in the survey, which revealed a 40.7% increase in winter camping trips since 2019. That compares to a 27.7% increase in spring camping excursions and a 15.1% jump in fall outings over the past two years. The summer months—which are already the most popular season for camping—saw a modest 2.3% increase.

RV winter camping

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“For some people, solitude is one of the things they love most about camping,” The Dyrt CEO Kevin Long says in the press release announcing the findings. “With the surge in camping over the last two years filling up campgrounds, more and more people are realizing that there are amazing camping experiences to be had all year round.”

The explosion of interest in outdoor activities began not long after the arrival of the pandemic. Camping allowed people to go outside and immerse themselves in nature while remaining socially distant at the same time. The survey results show that the popularity of camping hasn’t started to wane but is instead continuing to expand in interesting new directions.

RV winter camping

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Registered Dyrt user Jason Balfour is quoted in the same press release and echoes Long’s sentiments. He says,” I loved camping as a kid and got back into it as an adult a few years ago. It wasn’t enough just to camp when it’s warm. I already had the canvas tent, and I already had sleeping gear. You truly don’t get a much better solitude than camping in the snow with no one around.”

With more than one million registered users, The Dyrt has emerged as a popular resource for campers of all kinds. The app features more than four million user-generated reviews and tips—along with thousands of photos—for campsites across the US. It includes RV and tent camping options, along with cabins and cottages.

To find out more, visit The Dyrt website or download the app for iOS or Android.

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