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  7. Cold Weather Gear for Dogs
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  7. Cold Weather Gear for Dogs

Cold Weather Gear for Dogs

Keep Your Pup Warm, Dry, and Comfortable All Winter Long.

Image Caption: Photo Credit: FIN85/Getty

Who doesn’t love a good cold-weather camping trip? The only thing that makes it better is bringing your four-legged friends along.

Even though our canine friends may be able to handle cold conditions a little better than humans, dogs are still susceptive to significant dips in temperature. Sure, some breeds like huskies and malamutes absolutely adore the snow and may choose to spend their days outdoors. But other pups aren’t quite so resistant to the cold and may not enjoy it quite as much.

There’s an old saying that goes: “If you’re cold, they’re cold.” In other words, if you’re feeling the effects of the drop in temperature, your pooch probably is too. If you’re planning to camp with your dog in the cold weather, consider outfitting them with the proper gear to keep them protected.

Here are some great cold-weather gear options for dogs.

winter dog gear

Photo Credit: Touchdog

Touchdog 2-In-1 Tartan Plaid Dog Jacket

Most pups only need a light jacket to help keep them warm. The Touchdog 2-in-1 dog jacket does just that while giving pet owners two color options to choose from. Made from a breathable, flexible wool blend, it straps to the dog using heavy-duty Velcro. It also includes expandable leg straps for additional support should your dog pull the occasional Houdini and escape from its jacket.

Best of all, the jacket comes with a matching pet mat that you can toss down on the floor of your RV or tent—or even outside—to give your pup something other than the cold ground to nap on.

Buy The Tartain Plaid Dog Jacket Here

winter dog gear

Photo Credit: Helios

Helios ‘Torrential Shield’ Waterproof Raincoat

If there is anything thing worse than being cold, it’s being wet and cold. That goes for your dog, too. A sudden rainstorm can still flare up when it’s cool outside, and ending up sopping wet just makes all of the heat leave the body that much faster. This waterproof raincoat helps keep your dog dry.

Meant to withstand both the harshest rains and winds, this coat also includes elastic to help it cling to your dog’s body—after all, there’s nothing more unnatural to a pooch than an ill-fitting piece of clothing. It’s also highly reflective, which makes it perfect for when you find yourself out for a walk on a cool night.

Buy the Helios Waterproof Raincoat Here

winter dog gear

Photo Credit: Touchdog

Touchdog Quantum-Ice Full-Bodied Reflective Dog Jacket

When you’re dealing with seriously cold weather, and your dog needs more than just a light jacket, break out the big guns. This full-bodied jacket made just for dogs is no joke.

Lined with an innovative fabric called “Blackshark Technology,” the jacket is lightweight, waterproof, windproof, snowproof, cold-resistant, impermeable—yet breathable—, and tear-resistant. It is also covered in reflective 3M material, so should you find yourself in a low-visibility environment, you’ll still be able to quickly locate and identify your dog.

As if that wasn’t enough, zippers and pull-ties help keep the wind completely away from your pup’s hair, keeping them warmer as a result. Seriously, your dog will be as comfortable as you are in the outdoors while wearing this jacket.

Buy the Touchdog Reflective Dog Jacket Here

winter dog gear

Photo Credit: Rig ’em Right

Rig’em Right Bloodline Hunting Dog Vest

Own a working dog? If your dog will hunt, herd, or guard, outfit them with the proper gear. Even though they’re out running about, pointing, and retrieving, the cool weather can still get to them when you’re hunting or working. The Rig’Em Right vest gives them enough cover for the chest to help keep them warm while offering plenty of flexibility so as to not impede movement.

A handle on top makes it easy to lift your pup back into a blind, boat, or other vehicles. The vest even comes equipped with an extra layer of foam to help them float when they’re retrieving ducks in the water.

Buy the Rig’em Right Bloodline Hunting Dog Vest Here

Photo Credit: Cupped Waterfowl

Cupped Waterfowl Neoprene Dog Vest

Cooler weather often coincides with hunting seasons. If you’re a duck hunter (or just enjoy bringing the pup along for fishing trips), this neoprene dog vest is perfect for keeping your furry friend warm and dry.

The vest comes in a camouflage pattern, making your dog less conspicuous in the field. Made from neoprene fabrics—the same synthetic rubber found in wet suits—this garment will keep your dog warm and dry. The material is so effective that water will side right off the back without reaching ever reaching the fur underneath.

Buy The Cupped Waterfowl Neoprene Dog Vest Here

winter dog gear

Photo Credit: Ruffwear

Ruffwear Polar Trex Winter Dog Boots

Snow and ice can be hard on a dog’s feet, collecting between the pads and freezing in place. This can make winter walks uncomfortable, particularly in very snowy environments. A set of Polar Trex dog boots from Ruffwear can prevent this however, creating a shield against the winter conditions while providing extra traction at the same time.

Consisting of a waterproof, windproof, and breathable softshell material on top, and soft non-marking rubber on the bottom, these boots are built for outdoor play. The sole of the boot was even made by Vibram and features a lug pattern built to maintain a firm grip on the ground even on slick surfaces. Available in a variety of sizes, these are a must-have for any pup who likes to play in the snow.

Buy the Ruffwear Polar Trex Winter Dog Boots Here

winter dog gear

Photo Credit: Night Ize

Nite Ize RadDog Collapsible Bowl

The cold weather can dehydrate your dog (and you!) just as easily as the warmer temperatures, so it is important that you bring plenty of water along on your winter adventures. The RadDog collapsible dog bowl is lightweight, small, and the perfect way for your pooch to get a drink while on the trail. Made from durable, leakproof nylon, the bowl can hold up to 16 ounces of water or alternatively can be used for food as well. The bowl weighs just one ounce and when packed down it is roughly the size of a pack of gum. It even comes with a built-in carabiner to securely fashion it to your pack or belt loop.

Buy the Nite Ize Bowl Here

winter dog gear

Photo Credit: K&H Pet Products

K&H Pet Products Deluxe Heated Dog Bed

After a long day of playing outside in the cold, your dog will love to curl up on this heated bed from K&H Pet Products. The soft and comfortable outer bolster wraps around a removable heating pad, which provides warmth for tired pups. The pad is designed to maintain a safe temperature at all times and can be used independently of the outer cover. Perfect for use indoors or out, in the garage, kennel, basement, or the floor of an RV, this is the bed for the ultimate pampered pooch.

Buy the K&H Heated Dog Bed Here

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