Yadea KS6 Pro Electric Scooter Review: Putting the Fun in Functional

This E-Scooter is a Great Travel Companion for Exploring the Campground and Beyond

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Kraig Becker

We’re big fans of e-bikes here at RV Magazine, finding them to be a fantastic way to explore a new destination while camping. But RVs are often strapped for space, leaving little room to bring a bulky bike along on our travels. Fortunately, electric scooters make a good alternative, offering many of the same benefits while taking up much less space in our vehicles. That makes them ideal for zipping around the campground, making short trips to the store, or just casually sightseeing.

Recently, we’ve had the chance to test out the all-new Yadea KS6 Pro e-scooter, which we found to be very approachable and easy to ride. This well-equipped model comes with a suite of impressive features that make it a great alternative to driving. And while it may not have the range and speed of an e-bike, it is a convenient and fun way to get around.

Yadea KS6 Pro scooter

Photo Credit: Kraig Becker

Easy Rider

The KS6 Pro isn’t Yadea’s first e-scooter, and it shows. This unit makes a great first impression with high-quality components and a very polished feel. That includes a sturdy deck to stand on, rugged puncture-resistant wheels, and a bright LCD screen that displays speed, distance, remaining battery life, and other useful information. Head and taillights are also a nice touch, adding an extra dose of safety out on the road.

Unlike most of the e-bikes we’ve tested, the setup time for the KS6 Pro is very minimal. After removing it from the box, new owners just have to attach the handlebars and charge the battery before they’re ready for their first ride. Connecting the handlebars couldn’t be easier, taking just a few minutes to complete. However, you’ll have to wait longer for the battery to be topped off, as the AC adapter included with the scooter is painfully slow. Yadea says it can take up to eight hours to charge from zero to full, and I believe them. Out of the box, our test unit was at about 45% capacity and required over four hours to complete the process.

Once charged, the scooter is ready to go. A button on the handlebar stem turns the unit on and activates the electric drive. Climbing onto the deck and pressing the thumb throttle results in a smooth and controlled acceleration that is never jarring or alarming in any way. The KS6 Pro is very easy to control and maintains good balance at a variety of speeds, too. And thanks to a front-mounted suspension system, it rolls over bumps and cracks in the road with ease.

With its 15Ah battery and 500W motor—with a max surge of 800W—the KS6 Pro offers a range of up to 34 miles on a single charge. That distance will vary based on the speed of the scooter, how much the road undulates, and the weight of the rider. That said, we were able to consistently ride about 25 miles on city streets before our test unit needed a recharge. Depending on how much you use the scooter, that could equate to several days of riding or one really long day.

Yadea KS6 Pro scooter

Photo Credit: Kraig Becker

On the Road

The KS6 Pro’s smooth ride makes it very easy to handle. Steering is simple and controlled, even when rolling over rough pavement or along simple dirt trails. This helps make the scooter feel more approachable, especially for inexperienced riders or someone who might not enjoy riding an e-bike. Because it is so easy to hop on and just go, it provides a nice mix of fun and convenience. We often found ourselves looking for excuses to take it for a spin, including making a quick jaunt to the store or across the neighborhood to visit friends.

Once powered on, the scooter gives riders three different modes to choose from. Those include “walk,” “drive,” and “sport” modes. In walk mode, the throttle offers just enough power to assist in smoothly pushing the 47-pound KS6 Pro, making it easier to move around while on foot. Drive mode is the standard option for riding, allowing the unit to zip along at 15.5 mph while providing the longest range. Sport mode kicks the top speed up to 18.6 mph at the expense of some battery life. And while that doesn’t seem like a dramatic increase in velocity, it is noticeable, particularly when accelerating from a stop.

Controlling the speed and stopping the KS6 Pro is as smooth and straightforward as accelerating. The scooter has three different braking systems, including a drum brake in the front, a disc brake in the rear, and an electric regenerative braking system that feeds power back to the battery. Those components provide steady, controlled decelerations that convey an excellent sense of safety and security, even when descending steep inclines. This further enhances the scooter’s approachability and instills confidence in the rider.

Yadea KS6 Pro scooter

Photo Credit: Kraig Becker

App Control a No-Go

In addition to the KS6 Pro’s basic features and modes, the scooter has several other settings that are apparently best controlled through the Yadea smartphone app available for iOS and Android. I say apparently because I could not get the unit to pair with my phone despite all my best efforts. Usually, this is done by scanning a QR code on the handlebar stem or by having the app search for the scooter via Bluetooth. Neither option worked for me, producing an error that indicated the unit’s wireless connection wasn’t available.

The app allows riders to adjust settings like drive mode or the level of regenerative braking the KS6 Pro creates. It also allows users to turn the headlight off and on, activate cruise control, and adjust the display settings for imperial or metric measurements. There is even an option for locking the scooter to prevent it from being stolen. Most of those settings are accessible by tapping the power button, but they require as many as seven presses, depending on the feature you’re trying to activate.

Checking online, it doesn’t seem like our Bluetooth issue is a common problem, and pairing your phone with the KS6 Pro should be painless. But because we weren’t able to do that, we couldn’t test the app or some of the scooter’s functionality. The biggest of those features is the ability to lock the scooter to keep it out of the hands of would-be thieves. Nearly everything else was accessible, although not always in a very convenient way.

Yadea KS6 Pro scooter

Photo Credit: Kraig Becker

Rugged and Portable

The KS6 Pro impressed us with its overall build quality and durability. This e-scooter is more akin to the commercial models you find in most urban settings rather than the low-cost versions sold at big box stores. Every component feels built to last, and after numerous test rides, the unit has held up extremely well. During our initial trial phase, none of the parts became loose, nor were there any signs of wear and tear. In fact, other than a little dust and dirt from the road, our model still looks brand new. This bodes well for the long-term use of the product, which at $800 is no small investment.

We also appreciated the scooter’s sleek, somewhat minimalist design. From a visual perspective, all of the components complement each other very well, and there are no unruly wires protruding everywhere. This serves both form and function, protecting the electrical and brake cables from exposure to the elements, which could ultimately lead to fraying. But it also gives the KS6 Pro a very clean aesthetic that is appealing to look at.

One of the best features of the KS6 Pro is its folding handlebars, which collapse down and lock into place alongside the deck. This makes it easier to store in a closet at home or in an RV’s cargo tray. As mentioned, the scooter weighs a little over 47 pounds, so it isn’t the lightest model on the market. But that weight is due to its high-quality parts, which are integral to KS6 Pro’s impressive performance and durability. The device is also much lighter than most e-bikes, which helps make it more portable.

Yadea KS6 Pro scooter

Photo Credit: Yadea

Just Plain Fun

As we collected our thoughts for this review, a central theme kept coming up. Sure, we pondered how well-built the scooter is and how comfortable and easy it is to ride. We also thought about its components and how they impact performance. But time and again, we kept coming back to just how fun it is to use. To the point where we found ourselves just taking it out for a spin with no particular destination in mind. There is no denying it is a convenient and functional way to get around, but it is also very good at drawing out our inner child with the joy of just going for a ride.

Yes, we were disappointed that the Bluetooth connectivity features on our test model were nonfunctional. We also wish that Yadea had included a larger AC adapter to facilitate faster charging of the scooter. But those were minor issues that didn’t detract from our complete and utter enjoyment of the KS6 Pro. This is a fun, functional, and convenient option for running errands, scooting around the campground, and leisurely exploring an urban environment. Chances are, you’ll find lots of ways this device can enhance your life, both at home and while traveling.

As noted above, the KS6 Pro carries an $800 price tag. At first glance, that feels very pricey. But if you’ve ever rented an electric scooter, you know that those fees can add up very quickly. If you do that regularly, owning your own model can pay for itself in no time. It is also more affordably priced than most e-bikes, making it an attractive alternative. Best of all, it is so easy to operate that you’ll be zooming around confidently and easily in no time. That’s exactly how modern mobility should work.

To learn more about the Yadea KS6 Pro, visit the company’s website.

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