Lippert Introduces Bluetooth Smart Lock for RVs

Features Include Locking and Unlocking via a Smartphone and Multiple Power Setting Modes

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Lippert

RV accessory and components manufacturer Lippert has announced a new smart lock designed specifically for RVs. The device, which replaces traditional locks in most travel trailers and fifth-wheels, uses proximity-sensing Bluetooth technology to provide more convenience and improve security. Better still, it requires no wiring for installation.

The Lippert Keyless RV Door Lock with Bluetooth has many of the same features found on similar products installed in homes. Those include the ability to pair with up to six smartphones or tablets to lock or unlock the door remotely using the company’s OneControl app (iOS/Android). The onboard Bluetooth sensors have a range of up to 60 feet, and the device emits an audible tone to indicate a successful operation.

Lippert RV smart lock

Photo Credit: Lippert

The app also allows RV owners to adjust the power settings on the lock to optimize battery life. Those modes include a “Normal” setting, which provides the best overall performance, along with a “Low Power” mode that reduces some Bluetooth range but extends battery life up to 30%. Lippert also included a “Storage” mode, which turns off all remote functionality when the RV is stored for prolonged periods.

In addition to controlling the lock using a smartphone, Lippert has given RV owners two other options for interacting with the smart lock. For instance, the unit features a built-in number keypad that uses a numeric code to unlock the door. It also ships with a set of traditional keys, which serve as a safeguard should the four AA batteries become depleted.

Lippert RV smart lock

Photo Credit: Lippert

“The keyless RV door lock with Bluetooth is a great new option for RV owners seeking safety for their family and their belongings,” Lippert Senior Vice President of Aftermarket Sales Mark Boessler said in a press release. “With multiple entry options, this great new product is a perfect upgrade for any travel trailer or 5th wheel owner.”

The Keyless RV Door Lock with Bluetooth is available now with an MSRP of $239.95. For more information, visit the Lippert website.

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