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Breeo Series Y Smokeless Fire Pit Review

This Fire Pit Sets a New Standard for Performance and Portability

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Breeo

There are few things more enjoyable than gathering around a campfire. Watching the flames dance and hearing the crack of the wood as it burns can be incredibly fun and relaxing. In fact, for many RVers, it is the perfect way to end the day, gathering with friends and family to make s’mores and swap tall tales.

Unfortunately, not all campsites come with a firepit or even a fire ring, and those that do, usually offer only the most basic set-up. Those no-frills options will do in a pinch, but they aren’t always ideal. But adding a portable firepit to your RV can be a game changer, allowing you to enjoy a great campfire experience whenever and where ever you choose.

One such model is the Y Series Smokeless Fire Pit from Breeo. This model uses a combination of clever design and engineering—along with outstanding build quality—to create a product that is equally enjoyable to use in your backyard as it is at the campsite. Best of all, it offers a virtually smoke-free experience and can be used as a grill.

Breeo Y Series fire pit review

Photo Credit: Breeo

Smoke-Free Campfires

As much fun as it can be to gather around the campfire, the smoke created by burning wood can sometimes damper the experience. A little smoke is expected and can even add to the atmosphere, but too much can ruin the mood and put a premature end to the festivities. Worse still, once it gets into your clothes and hair, you may end up smelling smoky for a day or two afterward.

Thankfully, this isn’t an issue with the Y Series. When designing the firepit, Breeo used a double-walled design coupled with a series of intake vents that feed oxygen directly to the fire. This generates a surprising amount of airflow and creates a secondary burn that releases super-heated air through a series of jets found along the rim of the pit itself. These elements work in tandem to reduce the amount of smoke produced, creating a healthier and more enjoyable environment.

While Breeo likes to market the Y Series as “smokeless,” the firepit does still create a small amount of smoke. But compared to most other firepits on the market—let alone those found at a typical campground—the amount generated is negligible. In fact, you often won’t notice it at all, and your clothes won’t have any lingering scents the next day, either.

Breeo Y Series fire pit review

Photo Credit: Breeo

Built to be Portable

Besides being virtually smoke-free, the other nice feature of the Y Series Fire Pit is its portability. It comes with a set of built-in handles—that double as bottle openers—and has adjustable legs that collapse into the shell for easy storage. This allows it to fit nicely into just about any RV without taking up too much space. When you get to the campsite, just pull it out, extend the legs to provide stability, and you’re all set for your next bonfire.

The Y Series comes with an integrated heat shield, allowing it to operate safely on a wide variety of surfaces. The shield redirects the heat, preventing the firepit from damaging whatever surface is underneath. That means you can use it on a wooden deck without fear of scorching the wood or setting it ablaze. It works equally well on grass, brick, asphalt, or just about any other surface.

Weighing in at 31 pounds, the Y Series isn’t exactly the lightest firepit on the market, however. That could impact how portable it seems to some RVers, but despite its weight, it is still easy to carry and move around. And while some of the competition may be lighter, few offer the level of performance and durability you’ll find here. Most other models don’t come anywhere close to being smokeless, for instance, nor are they built for life on the road.

Breeo Y Series fire pit review

Photo Credit: Breeo

Versatility Adds to Usability

Another area in which the Y Series stands out from the competition is its versatility. Unlike most other models, which only use wood as fuel, this firepit can also burn charcoal and wood pellets. This makes it easier to find fuel when wood might not be an option and allows it to double as a grill when preparing a meal.

To that end, Breeo offers several accessories that allow owners to capitalize on these capabilities. For instance, the Outpost Grill, SearPlate Griddle, and the Breeo Cast Iron Kettle turn the firepit into a highly-capable outdoor kitchen. Those add-ons allow you to cook just about anything you’d like, from hearty stews to grilled vegetables to thick steaks. And after dinner is over, you can enjoy s’mores around the campfire too.

Made from high-quality 304 stainless steel, the Y Series is highly durable and easy to maintain. That metal allows it to resist rust and corrosion and makes it surprisingly easy to keep clean. Removing built-up ash is relatively quick and painless too, which is something you always want to do before storing it in your RV anyway.

Breeo Y Series fire pit review

Photo Credit: Breeo

A New Standard for Portable Fire Pits

Priced at $495, the Breeo Y Series Smokeless Fire Pit isn’t exactly an inexpensive investment. That said, it is also so well made that it will likely be the last firepit you’ll ever need to purchase. Its rugged construction ensures it will survive for many years to come, making it ideal for use in the backyard, while tailgating, and on all of your RV adventures.

Having put the Y Series to the test, we came away impressed with just about every aspect of this model. It performs exceptionally well and lives up to its “smokeless” promises while remaining highly portable. That’s not easy to do, as most fire pits designed for use while camping or tailgating feel cheap and unremarkable compared to this unit. And when you add in a few of Breeo’s accessories, the Y Series becomes even more impressive.

If you’re in the market for a new firepit, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better, more versatile option than the Y Series. Yes, you can find lighter, less expensive options on the market, but the experience this firepit offers makes it the new standard for poartable models. Besides, once you’ve gone smokeless, you’ll never want to go back.

Find out more about the Y Series Smokeless Fire Pit and its accessories on the Breeo website.

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