Gear Guide: The Coolest Portable Fire Pits of 2022

These Go-Anywhere Fire Pits Will Keep You Warm Wherever You Wander

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Few things are as relaxing and reassuring as gathering around a campfire. For centuries, travelers have come together in the warmth and glow of those flames to socialize, swap stories, and bond over shared experiences. This age-old tradition continues in campgrounds across the country today, thanks in no small part to portable fire pits.

A portable fire pit is one of those items you’re never quite sure you need until you own one. Lightweight and efficient, modern fire pits are safe, easy to use, and have a knack for creating a friendly, welcoming environment. Some fire pits double as grills, while others feature unique designs that keep the amount of smoke generated to a minimum. Pretty much all of them are perfect for making s’mores.

portable fire pits

Image Courtesy of Solo Stove

Benefits of a Portable Fire Pit

There are several reasons why you might want to add a portable fire pit to your camping equipment. For starters, not all campsites come with a fire pit of their own, and some prohibit having a fire at ground level. Traveling with a portable model gives you the option to safely start a campfire should you choose.

Beyond the safety benefits, a portable fire pit extends your living space, allowing you to spend more time outside your RV. A campfire creates a warm, cozy environment that makes being outdoors more enjoyable, even in cooler temperatures or after the sun has gone down. That means less time inside your vehicle, which can start to feel a little cramped and crowded on longer trips.

As already mentioned, some fire pits can double as a grill, allowing you to cook burgers, steaks, and other food over an open flame — a great option to have when you don’t feel like firing up the stove or microwave in your RV. It’s also an excellent way to add some variety to your camping meals.

There are social and psychological benefits to sitting around a campfire too. Studies show that gathering around a fire helps us relax, lowering heart rates and blood pressure. A campfire tends to draw a crowd, too, giving us a chance to connect with our neighbors at the campground.

portable fire pits

Image Courtesy of Biolite

The Best Portable Fire Pits of 2022

Now that you know some of the benefits that come from using a portable fire pit, these are some of the best models to take with you on your outdoor adventures.

portable fire pits

Image Courtesy of Solo Stove

Solo Stove Bonfire

Made almost entirely out of stainless steel, the Solo Stove Bonfire looks as good as it performs. This portable fire pit features integrated intake holes along the bottom, which draw air into its interior, making it easier to get a fire started and keep it going. The Bonfire’s double-wall design also promotes airflow inside the fire pit itself, which helps create a warm fire with a minimal amount of smoke. And because this model burns extremely efficiently, clean-up is quick and easy.

Rugged and durable, the Bonfire can survive in the harshest of environments. In fact, Solo Stove is so confident in its construction that the fire pit comes with a lifetime guarantee. You won’t find many other manufacturers that offer such a high level of support.

portable fire pits

Image Courtesy of Biolite

Biolite FirePit+

There are few portable fire pits on the market with more features than the Biolite FirePit+. Case in point, this model has incredibly efficient airflow, thanks in part to a built-in fan powered by a rechargeable battery pack. That fan also redirects smoke away from the fire, creating a more pleasant environment for those gathering around the flames. The battery pack can also recharge a cellphone and includes Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to control the fan speed remotely.

The FirePit+ comes with a grill cover that converts it into a hibachi-style grill capable of burning both wood and charcoal. Biolite’s “X-Ray Mesh” design ensures that everyone gets a good view of the fire no matter where they’re sitting. The legs on this unit even fold down, making it easier to store and transport.

portable fire pits

Image Courtesy of Trailblazer

Trailblazer 2-in-1 Portable Fire Pit and Grill

If you’re looking for a fire pit/grill that won’t take up a lot of room in your RV, the Trailblazer 2-in-1 is the one for you. This ultra-portable model has a modular design that allows it to be taken apart and stored in a small sling bag. Once at the campsite, it reassembles in under two minutes, with all the pieces locking back into place. And with a weight of just three pounds, it is a good option for hikers, backpackers, and car campers alike.

This portable fire pit features a simple, elegant design that looks right at home in any campground. Made from durable aircraft aluminum and stainless steel, the Trailblazer is rugged enough to survive in the outdoors. Use it to make your evening meal, then gather around the fire afterward to spend some quality time with friends and family.

portable fire pits

Image Courtesy of DestinationGear

DestinationGear Portable Propane Fire Pit

As its name implies, the Portable Propane Fire Pit from DestinationGear uses propane to create a clean-burning, smokeless campfire. Simply connect a propane tank using the included 10-foot hose, turn on the gas, and ignite the flames. Within seconds your campsite will be warm and cozy, with the fire pit generating up to 58,000 BTUs of heat.

A propane fire pit has some significant advantages over one that burns wood and charcoal. For instance, propane burns very cleanly, eliminating the need to dispose of ashes and half-burned logs. A propane fire is also easy to start and heats up quickly with minimal effort. However, these types of fire pits do require a tank of propane gas, and if you run out, you won’t be able to enjoy a campfire. So, plan ahead by making sure you have a full tank before arriving at the campsite or have a spare on standby.

portable fire pits

Image Courtesy of Pit Boss

Pit Boss Smokeless Fire Pit

The Pit Boss Smokeless Fire Pit represents a new generation of fire pits that use wood pellets as fuel. These pellets create a surprising amount of heat while simultaneously generating little to no smoke. And unlike more traditional models, the Pit Boss takes just five minutes to get a roaring fire going, using only the pellets, a small amount of fire gel, and a fire starter.

Compact and lightweight, the Pit Boss makes an excellent portable fire pit. This model breaks down into four parts for ease of storage and transport. Once assembled, it features an integrated ash pan that makes clean-up a breeze. It even comes with a custom cover to help keep it protected from the elements when not in use.

portable fire pits

Image Courtesy of Camco

Camco Little Red Campfire

Compact and powerful, the Camco Little Red Campfire is another model that uses propane as its source of fuel. This unit includes a few extra features that help set it apart from the competition, including a locking lid that makes it easy to carry. It also comes with built-in fake logs that give the campfire a more realistic look when in use.

As with other propane fire pits, the Little Red doesn’t create ash or smoke and takes just a few minutes to warm up. Capable of producing as much as 65,000 BTUs of heat, it is a fire pit that can keep you warm in cold conditions too. If you happen to enjoy sitting around a campfire while camping in the winter, this model should be on your shortlist.

Any one of these portable fire pits will be a welcome addition to your campsite. If you’ve been considering adding one to your RV, now is the time to do it. You’ll get plenty of warmth and ambiance for those nights spent outside, creating memories of evenings spent around the campfire.

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