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Video: See a 2008 Honda Element That’s Been Converted into a Mini RV

The Tiny SUV Features a Rooftop Tent, a Solar Panel, an Upgraded Engine, and Surprisingly Homey Interior

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Stephen Aldaco

When it comes to converting a vehicle into an RV, a Honda Element isn’t exactly the first option that comes to mind. After all, these boxy SUVs don’t offer much space, nor are they known for their rugged build quality. But that hasn’t stopped a few dedicated fans from giving it a go, often with surprising results.

The video above takes us on a walk around of one such Element, which has undergone some extensive upgrades as part of the conversion process. For example, the owner replaced the stock engine with a more powerful aftermarket option and installed better fog lights and LED bars. He also added a rooftop tent that serves as the sleeping area, with additional storage, an awning, and a 100-watt solar panel serving as further enhancements.

Inside, the Honda Element has seen significant changes as well. Both the driver and passenger seats have been converted to swivel models, creating a surprisingly livable interior space. Fifth Element cabinets and a center console serve as extra storage space, while a swivel table pulls double duty for meals and a workspace. A tiny alcohol-fueled indoor firepit provides ambient lighting while remaining safe and easily extinguished.

Honda Element camper

Photo Credit: Stephen Aldaco

The rear of the Element has also received a few important upgrades. Additional storage has been added to the folding rear tailgate, providing room for essential tools and other items. A pivoting hitch mount connects to a sturdy table, which comes in handy when preparing meals. There is even another makeshift firepit for use outside the diminutive RV.

What stands out the most while watching this video is the owner’s creative use of space and attention to detail. He put a lot of thought into using every square inch of the Element’s boxy cargo area, and the results are very impressive. While this isn’t the type of build that most of us would want, it sure is fun to see how everything comes together to create a totally unique and unexpectedly brilliant mini-RV.

Big thanks to Stephen Aldaco for sharing this on his YouTube channel.

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