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Someone Turned a Smart Car into an Adorable Off-Road Overlander

The Tiny has Everything You Need for Boondocking Adventures

Image Caption: Image Courtesy of Silverline Tools via YouTube

If you made a list of cars that are least likely to be turned into overlanding vehicles, there is a pretty good chance the Smart Car would rank near the top. At times, these tiny machines seem barely roadworthy, let alone capable of surviving on rugged roads and remote trails. But one industrious individual decided to take on that challenge, and as you’ll see in the video above, not only was he successful, the results were utterly adorable.

In the video, a man named Max shares how he went about renovating a Smart Car into an overlander. Upgrades include off-road tires, side rails, a winch, floodlights, and a reinforced external roll cage strong enough to support a rooftop tent. The suspension also got a lift to improve ground clearance, and oversized plastic fenders were installed for further protection when traveling off-road.

smart car overlander

Image Courtesy of Silverline Tools via YouTube

The aforementioned rooftop tent serves as the micro camper’s bedroom, while the rear end opens to reveal a pullout kitchen. Max installed a two-burner, gas-powered stove for cooking his meals and a sink for clean-up afterward. The vehicle’s endgate has a lid that cleverly pops opens to reveal two place settings securely held into place to prevent breaking. The endgate also serves as a makeshift dinner table, eliminating the need to fit an external table for use while diining. The little camper even has a portable outdoor shower for scrubbing up after a long day of off-roading.

Is a Smart Car built for overlanding practical? Not in the least. But it sure does look like a lot of fun, and it will definitely be a conversation starter at the campground. It is also an excellent display of ingenuity and engineering prowess, as Max has clearly put a lot of time and effort into building out this would-be RV. You can check out a second video he shared on YouTube to see exactly how he did it.

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