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Video: Check Out This Prototype Camper for the Tesla Cybertruck

Space Campers Turns the Electric Truck into a Rugged, Off-Road RV

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Space Campers

Few vehicles are as polarizing as Tesla’s Cybertruck. Some people love the vehicle’s angular design and stainless steel exterior cladding, while others find it to be a road-hogging eyesore. But no matter how you feel about the buzzy electric truck, it should come as no surprise that numerous companies are scrambling to produce aftermarket accessories for Elon Musk’s latest creation. One such company is Space Campers, which designed a camper specifically for the electric truck.

The video above takes us on a tour of a prototype of that model. The crew at Space Campers haven’t gotten their hands on the elusive Cybertruck just yet, so they’ve made do with a plywood mockup of the CT’s bed. While not quite as good as seeing the camper installed on the real thing, it does a good job of showing off what it is capable of.

The Space Camper takes advantage of the Cybertruck’s bed space to create a living area that looks comfortable and functional. While in transit, the unit folds flat to keep the vehicle as streamlined as possible. Once at the campsite, it opens upward, creating a wedge-shaped structure held aloft by a pair of heavy-duty air cylinders. When expanded, the camper reveals a large lofted bed that resembles a rooftop tent.

Cybertruck Space Camper

Photo Credit: Space Campers

An expansive mesh and canvas door provides access to the interior of the Space Camper. That door can be configured in several ways, including rolling it up for maximum airflow or leaving it down with a bug screen in place. The door also converts into an awning, making the interior more open and airy.

Like other lightweight truck campers we’ve seen recently, the Space Camper allows owners to customize the interior to meet their individual needs. It doesn’t come with an onboard kitchen, a residential-style refrigerator, or many other amenities for that matter. But with a bit of creativity, the open space can be utilized to create an RV that is as comfortable and well-appointed as you need it.

That isn’t to say there aren’t any interesting features inside the Space Camper. For instance, it has built-in interior and exterior dimmable LEDs and removable magnetic lights that pull double duty as a flashlight when needed. The camper’s multipurpose extension panels serve as a base for the bed but can also be used as a sliding countertop. They’ll even convert into a bench and table come mealtime.

This is just a hint of everything the Space Camper offers. Check out the video above for a complete look at the camper’s features. You’ll get a better sense of the versatility that it offers.

Preorders are available now, with completed models expected to ship in 2024. Visit SpaceCampers.com for more.

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