Get a Rugged, Go-Anywhere Global Expedition Vehicle at a Discount Price

Spoiler Alert: These Pre-Owned RVs are Still Pretty Pricey

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Global Expedition Vehicles

Custom off-road RV manufacturer Global Expedition Vehicles (GXV) has a rare opportunity available for someone looking for a go-anywhere, do-anything motorhome. The company currently has several preowned models available for sale on its website, offering would-be buyers a chance to purchase one of its ultra-rugged RVs at a discount. But, if you do want to put one of these campers in your driveway, you’re still going to need deep pockets.

For those unfamiliar with GXV, the company builds some of the most rugged off-road RVs imaginable. The vehicles are assembled on a heavy-duty chassis and a four-wheel-drive system, built to go over incredibly rough terrain and stay self-sufficient in remote regions of the world. Inside, the campers are fully outfitted with kitchen, dining, sleeping, and washroom areas. Most come equipped with redundant heat, cooling, and power systems to keep everything running, even in extreme locations and conditions. However, all of that functionality comes at a price as the entry-level models start at $360,000, while a top-of-the-line version has a base price of $890k.

Finding preowned Global Expedition Vehicles on the market isn’t unheard of, although it is somewhat rare. Which is why finding multiple RVs on the company’s website is so intriguing. For the right buyer, these models offer an opportunity to purchase one of these over-engineered motorhomes at substantial savings, adding up to tens of thousands of dollars.

Global Expedition Vehicles

Photo Credit: Global Expedition Vehicles

The first of the available vehicles is a 2018 edition of the company’s Patagonia vehicle built on a Kenworth chassis. It comes equipped with a queen-size bed, a single-unit washer/dryer combo, a galley kitchen complete with granite countertops, and a microwave that doubles as a convection oven. It also sports armored glass, an 800 amp-hour lithium-ion battery pack, and seven solar panels capable of generating up to 1.4 kilowatts of power. This model has an odometer reading of 34,500 miles and is priced at $545,000, representing $155,000 below the regular asking price.

Global Expedition Vehicles

Photo Credit: Global Expedition Vehicles

The next vehicle available is a 2014 version of the GXV Pangea with 51,000 miles. This RV features a large, U-shaped dining area, a dry bath, and a lofted sleeping area with a king-size bed nested inside a lifting roof. The off-roader was built on a Mercedes Unimog chassis and includes three 200-watt solar panels, and both 120- and 220-volt power systems. It is priced at $475k, with new models starting at $890,000.

Global Expedition Vehicles

Photo Credit: Global Expedition Vehicles

The third option for those shopping for a used GXV camper is a 2021 edition of the company’s Adventure Truck. This particular model was used as a demo at trade shows and special events and has been driven roughly 50,000 miles. It was built on the frame of a Ford F750 and comes with full-size bed, a spacious dining area for two, and a kitchen with a microwave, induction stove, and refrigerator. The truck also features solar panels with up to 600 watts of power and an 800ah battery pack. It is priced to move at $345,000.

For the full specifications and more photos of these rugged RVs, visit the GXV vehicles for sale webpage. You may just find the off-road motorhome you’ve always dreamed of.

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