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Design Your Own Custom Camper with Vanspace 3D

Create Custom Layouts for Any Type of Van or Bus with This Intuitive Software Package

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Vanspace 3D

Building the perfect camper van can be a daunting task requiring plenty of time, patience, and creativity. But a software package called Vanspace 3D looks to take some of the tedium and guesswork out of that process. The program—which is available for Mac and Windows PCs—allows users to design and build the custom RV of their dreams.

User-Friendly Interface

The creators of Vanspace 3D say the software is so easy and intuitive to use that users can start designing their own camper vans without any previous experience. The goal is to give everyone the tools they need to create the plans for a custom RV without requiring hours of training and practice. The software’s interface puts powerful tools at the user’s disposal, with only a minimal amount of time needed to become familiar with how everything works.

Vanspace 3D

Photo Credit: Vanspace 3D

The first step of the process is choosing the type of vehicle to use as a floorplan. Vanspace 3D ships with over 170 pre-installed templates, including popular platforms like the Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, and Ram ProMaster models. There are also options for school buses, Jeeps, and other unusual alternatives.

Build Your Own Camper

Once the type of vehicle is selected, users can fill in the blank canvas with all the components they would like to add. The software provides more than 400 3D models of furniture, storage cabinets, appliances, and other items to choose from. Those items can be dragged and dropped onto the floorplan, where they can be moved, rotated, and resized to create the perfect layout. The space can be further customized using dozens of textures and colors that can be applied to the individual pieces.

Vanspace 3D

Photo Credit: Vanspace 3D

Most of the virtual components included in Vanspace 3D are based on real-life products. For example, users can add a specific Dometic refrigerator to their design and see exactly how it fits into their layout. The software even offers external links to buy those products online, which is a handy feature when it’s time to start the build-out.

3D Modeling

At any point during the design process, users can switch to a first-person, 3D mode that allows them to move about a virtual representation of their camper. This provides the ability to view their creation from any angle and adjust the layout as needed. Once they are happy with the floorplan, the design can be exported to an external file that serves as the plan for making the virtual camper a reality.

Vanspace 3D

Photo Credit: Vanspace 3D

Customers looking to purchase Vanspace 3D have three options for licensing the software. For $37, users can obtain access to the software—and all of its features—for personal use for one year. For an additional $20, that license can be upgraded to provide lifetime access. A commercial use license is also available for $27 per user per month. That tier is for users who design and build custom camper vans for a living and comes with priority tech support.

For more information, visit the Vanspace 3D website.

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